• New Tank Sets
  • Glyphs Don’t Proc Gear Sets
  • Tank Class Meta
  • Tank Skill Changes
  • Gear Collections
  • Undaunted Levelling
Ascending Tide DLC - 6 Things You Need To Know | Elder Scrolls Online

Things you need to know for the Ascending Tide patch

New Tank Gear – There are a few pieces of gear you will want to get that is new this patch.

  • Turning Tide (Shipwright’s Regret) – Heavy Armor 5 Piece Gear Set that provides Major Vulnerability.
  • Nazaray (Shipwright’s Regret) – Monster Set that increases the duration of Major/Minor debuffs applied to an enemy.
  • Nunatek (Memorial District Imperial City boss) – Applies Major Brittle to enemies, might be a good add pull Monster Set.
  • Crimson Oath – Not a new set but likely to be used more now depending on group composition.

Weapon Enchants & Gear won’t proc other gear

  • Flame Glyphs won’t proc Encratis.
  • Shock Glyphs won’t proc Shock Weakness for Elemental Catalyst
  • The Vateshran Destro Staff wont proc EC.

Procs don’t proc other procs. When you proc your weapon glyph, its a proc and not a direct source of damage so it won’t proc your Encratis. Same as using the Vateshran Destro Staff, when the “Flame/Shock/Frost” damage are applied to the enemy its not a direct damage source, its a proc so it can’t proc EC.

Tank Class Meta

Tanks may not be required to do certain tasks or play certain classes for this patch. Magicka Damage Dealers can run Stone Giant for example for the Stagger buff and can probably do so more easily than a DK Main Tank.

Tank Skill Changes

  • Burning Embers became a Heal over Time which might be nice for some Tanks.
  • Power Bash is now classified as an actual “BASH” not just a skill that does a Bash animation and thus it will proc Bash related gear sets like Vykosa, Turning Tide, Drakes Rush and Void Bash.
  • Engulfing Flames formula to reach 10% was changed – not that Tanks have even used this for a while now but if you are then its something to consider you now need to reach 10%

Gear Collections

When you bind a piece of perfected gear it will now also unlock the none perfected version of the gear.

Undaunted Levelling

You will now need to do daily random dungeons, daily pledges, dungeon quests and trial quests to level up Undaunted since the achievements have become account wide.

Ascending Tide DLC Patch Notes: PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.3.5 – Ascending Tide DLC & Update 33 — Elder Scrolls Online

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