Block Bug is back with Firesong

With the Firesong DLC we have unfortunately gained a new Block Bug in The Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s not quite as bad as previous Block Bugs but it’s still quite a big problem for all the Tanks out there.

This bug comes into effect when you perform a range of actions such as Roll Dodging while Blocking or Bashing when Blocking.

If you Roll Dodge while blocking your character will just drop block and it will not re-block until you let, go and reapply block.

Along with this we also have a problem with Bashing. If you Bash and Block which is unavoidable on console, you will eventually glitch your character where it starts to Light Attack rather than Bash and your block becomes dropped, but it’s not fully dropped because your character will do a glitchy bash/light attack.

This is a huge problem for Tanks and will be a big concern especially for newer players. There is no scheduled fix for this and when the Firesong DLC launches on console it will launch with this bug included at the moment for an indefinite amount of time.

Make sure to report this in game and let’s hope for a fix soon.

In the meantime, you’ll need to stay aware when using sets that require bashing such as Turning Tide. It’s also a good idea to release block when performing a roll dodge. Since you evade damage while roll dodging anyway, there is no immediate need to continue blocking while performing a roll so just release block, roll dodge and reapply your block upon exiting the roll animation.

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