ESO Tank Mythics – Bloodlord’s Embrace

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Set bonus

1 items: Dealing damage with a Bash attack places a persistent, un-cleansable Blood Curse on an enemy. You can only have one Blood Cursed enemy at a time and dealing additional Bash damage moves the Blood Curse. When you Block a Blood Cursed enemy, restore 1605 Magicka to you. This effect can occur every 1 second.

Set Rating:
2 out of 5.

Also Known As:

When to use:
Double Ice Staff Builds.

Where to obtain:

  • Fanged Cuirass – Shadowfen Sanguine’s Demense Public Dungeon Bosses
  • Goblet Gorget – Spindleclutch I Last Boss
  • Hecatomb Tassets – Imperial Sewer Bosses
  • Sanguine Doublet – Coldharbour Village of the Lost Public Dungeon Bosses
  • Thirsting Girdle – Crypt of Hearts I Last Boss

Set Piece:
Heavy Chest

This looks better than it is in reality. The idea of 1605 Magicka per second is extremely good but that is way off the mark of what you’ll actually get.

You can only apply this to one enemy at a time so it’s not worthwhile in add pulls. When we then consider bosses, most bosses in the game do attacks every 4-6 seconds and if its a boss that does a big animation based mechanic it could be more like 20-30 seconds before you even get hit.

If we take Olms from Asylum Sanctorium as the main example of when this performs poorly, this boss hit you once every 5 seconds. If the boss does mechanics these include Storm the Heavens, jumps, the big fire AoE in execute, the breath and the Lightning spit. All of these are lengthy animations and sometimes there could be 3 of them back-to-back meaning you wouldn’t get hit for about 30 seconds.

Situations where it would work include when using a double Frost staff build. If you consider the idea that your block cost is 1000 and you use the Tri-Focus passive, each time you get hit you would recover the Magicka you just lost plus a bit extra so it has some use in this kind of build.

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