Welcome to this Can You Tank? Albion Online article where we take a look if it’s possible to play as a Tank in this popular medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG.

We are looking at the simple question of whether you can Tank or not in Albion Online. And we’ll start by just saying – YES you can.

Can You Tank? Albion Online

As soon as you leave the tutorial area you’ll instantly see the in game chat filled with groups looking for Tanks for content which is a great sign for anyone looking to get into Tanking, not so good for everyone else as this is yet another MMO game with a small Tank-focussed player base.

Tanks in Albion Online are expected to be on the front line of combat in PvE content and your role is to hold aggro of enemies by generating threat alongside kiting, stacking, crowd controlling and debuffing enemies. Tanks also play an important role within PvP groups which is quite rare nowadays for MMO games, you’re expected to provide lots of crowd control in PvP, and it’s a huge part of the game so definitely worth getting comfortable with both PvP and PvE if you want to gain some longevity out of Albion Online.

The combat of Albion Online is simplistic and retro, but this creates a nice learning environment for a Tank. You’ll have only a few abilities to use which are tied in to both your gear and the destiny board so it’s really not overly complicated with too many cooldowns and abilities to worry about.

You can put a good Tank build together pretty quickly and easily then start getting into groups for group dungeons almost straight away. As you improve and understand Tanking more, you improve your gear and move to more challenging areas.

There is a range of PvE content to do as a Tank but you’ll mostly be working towards Hardcore Expeditions where you’ll meet the real challenges of being a Tank. This is the area of the game where there’s very few capable Tanks and you’ll have no trouble finding a group if you are able to get to this level.

This is a good game to get into MMO Tanking, its a fun game and easy to pick up and play. It’s slow killing things solo and at the start but this is the motivator to get into a guild and into groups where the content becomes much more fun and engaging and while you will find some of it challenging, the basics of Tanking are not that complicated so it’s very accessible for all types of players.

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