ESO Tank Monster Sets – Chokethorn / Shadowrend

Set bonus

1 item: Adds 129 Magicka Recovery.

Set Rating:
3 out of 5.

Where to obtain:
Chokethorn – Veteran Elden Hollow I, Shadowrend – Veteran Banished Cells I, Both – Maj al-Ragath

You could use these monster sets for the 129 Magicka Recovery, Magma Incarnate would be another option that is a little better because it also includes Stamina Recovery. When you combine the two sets you gain a total of 258 Magicka Recovery. These are easy to obtain as a very first Tank setup, doing these two dungeons on Veteran are two of the easiest to complete even if you are relatively inexperienced. You can use this combination on almost any Tank for sustain since all Class Tanks use mostly Magicka abilities. You could also mix one of these pieces with any other 1 piece set or Mythic Items.

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