Hi… my name is Dream. I’m a university student from the UK, studying neuromusicology at BSc level – with specific interests in machine learning and its use as an artistic instrument. I have lead numerous projects in the fields of virtual reality, ambisonic soundscaping and neural network integrations. My goal is to follow this line of education to PhD and flex my doctorate on the people who said I wasn’t capable – I also plan to become the next Hokage of the hidden leaf village. In relation to The Tank Club, I am the lead developer of this website and an active member of the discord community. I met Lee and Neo through my guilds and since then our bromance has never faded. Outside of

the tank club, I am an officer in a couple of guilds and an administrator of the newly released Healer’s Haven (which you should totally join ?). In my younger years, I was a circus performer who span fire in a similar fashion to the video you see above and dabbled in aerial acrobatics – sometimes both at the same time. I am an avid festivalgoer so if you’re around I’ll see you in the fields. You can usually find me either buried in my projects or hanging out in discord servers – If you do find me, feel free to say hi. Bellow you can find my social links… I’m not exactly active though. Enjoy!