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Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Aetherian Archive Main Tank Build.

Aetherian Archive is a base game 12-person trial located in Craglorn. It was one of the first three trials that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Craglorn update in May 2014. Originally this trial was scaled to Veteran Rank 12 and only had a normal and a hardmode but was later updated with the One Tamriel update in October 2016 to include a Veteran version and increased to CP160 difficulty.

This trial has 4 bosses along with a range of different add pulls in between each boss. The Trial has a normal, veteran and a last boss Hardmode.

Aetherian Archive is one of the easiest Trials to Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online as this is a base game trial and it is designed for low Champion Point levels. You can virtually do this entire trial without blocking until you reach the last boss. This means you can almost play as a kind of hybrid Damage Dealer Tank until the last boss. The biggest challenge you’ll face is dealing with the axes on the final boss and when Hardmode is activated, you also have the addition of the Storm Atronach’s to deal with.

We have a few different builds for this Trial; we have a conventional Tank build, we have an experienced Hybrid Tank build, and we have a very important Last Boss build. Aetherian Archive is one of the very first Veteran Trials you are likely to encounter and one of the first to be created. With our tried and tested last boss setup will resolve that problem for you and hopefully bring you and your team success in Veteran Aetherian Archive!

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The Atronach
DD/Tank Hybrid – The Shadow
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