‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Build

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‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Introduction

Gather the strength of Apocrypha and uncover the secrets of harnessing arcane power with the ‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Build!

The Arcanist was a brand new class introduced to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Necrom Chapter in June 2023.

This is a general Arcanist Tank build for completing PvE, Dungeons, Trials and Arenas. It is aimed at giving you optimized setups to learn to play the Arcanist in dungeon and trial content.

Apocrypha Warder is a build that focusses on the strengths of the Arcanist with many group buffs, self sustain and huge damage shields making them one of the most useful Tank classes in The Elder Scrolls Online for Dungeons and for Main Tanking Trials.

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‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Information



15 Magicka
34 Health
15 Stamina


Essence of Health Potions
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‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Gear