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Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Asylum Sanctorium Main Tank Build.

Asylum Sanctorium is a DLC 12-person trial located in Clockwork City. It was the sixth trial that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Clockwork City DLC in October 2017. This was the first ever mini trial created where there are no adds between bosses, it’s just a trial with 3 bosses and the Hardmode is a combination of all the bosses together.

These builds will work in standard vAS as well as the +1 and +2 Hardmodes. These builds are most suited to a Magicka Group composition, which is generally used by the majority of groups – however with some adjustments you could work this into a score pushing Stamina composition build.

We have included a range of options for Beginners, Optimised Groups, Advanced Groups and also a setup aimed at a Main Tank who wants to maintain Minor Brittle for their group.

From the Main Tank perspective this is possibly one of the easiest trials once you learn the initial mechanics of the trial. The boss attack hit hard but they hit very slowly, and there are times where you are not taking much damage and the boss isn’t hitting you for 20-30 seconds. Upon becoming experienced in this trial, there is very little for you to do other than block/roll dodge the swipes and then and maintain your abilities, buffs and debuffs.

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The Atronach


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