ESO Asylum Sanctorium Off Tank Build

Updated: Deadlands (November 2021)

Asylum Sanctorium Information

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Asylum Sanctorium Off Tank Build.

Asylum Sanctorium is a DLC 12-person trial located in Clockwork City. It was the sixth trial that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Clockwork City DLC in October 2017. This was the first ever mini trial created where there are no adds between bosses, it’s just a trial with 3 bosses and the Hardmode is a combination of all the bosses together.

These builds will work in standard vAS as well as the +1 and +2 Hardmodes. These builds are most suited to a Magicka Group composition, which is generally used by the majority of groups – however with some adjustments you could work this into a score pushing Stamina composition build.

We have included a range of options for Beginners, Optimised Groups, Advanced Groups and also a setup aimed at a Main Tank who wants to maintain Minor Brittle for their group

The Off Tank role in this trial is one of the more difficult out of all of the trials. The Off Tank is extremely busy throughout this trial in +1 and +2 as you have to manage dealing with all of the mechanics while also dealing with the mini bosses and perfecting the timing and stacking of those bosses with the Main Boss.

To make this trial easier you want to stack faster movement speed so you are able to manoeuvre around the arena quickly and efficiently. This helps you to survive, not conflict with team mates, and most importantly, stack the mini bosses faster.

Tank Guides for this Trial will be available soon in the Tank Guide section and on our YouTube channel.


The Steed
The Atronach


64 Health


Essence of Health Potion More Info

Asylum Sanctorium Gear

HeadEncratis’s BehemothMediumDivinesPrismatic Defence
ShoulderEncratis’s Behemoth / Spaulder of RuinMediumDivinesStamina
ChestSaxhleel ChampionHeavyDivinesPrismatic Defence
HandsSaxhleel ChampionHeavyDivinesStamina
WaistSaxhleel ChampionHeavyDivinesStamina
LegsSaxhleel ChampionHeavyDivinesPrismatic Defence
FeetSaxhleel ChampionHeavyDivinesStamina
NecklaceWar Machine / Powerful AssaultJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingWar Machine / Powerful AssaultJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingWar Machine / Powerful AssaultJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
Main HandPuncturing RemedyAny 1HInfusedAbsorb Stamina / Flame
Off HandPuncturing RemedyShieldWell-FittedStamina
Main Hand BackupWar Machine / Powerful AssaultIce StaffInfusedCrusher
  • Encratis will help to debuff all bosses and reduce the groups fire damage.
  • Using Saxhleel with any Ultimate even with a Warhorn is advised here as you will get a better uptime of Major Force. This is one of the worst trials in terms of Major Force uptime due to the 2 Healers and Main Tank being stuck in positions for long periods of time away from the other group members. Using Barrier is also great for survival.
  • War Machine is much easier to use since PA uptimes are not that great if you have to spend a lot of time restacking mini bosses. Use WM for progression and PA for more advanced groups/Off Tanks.
HeadMagma IncarnateHeavyDivinesHealth
ShoulderSpaulder of RuinLightDivinesPrismatic Defence
ChestPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesHealth
HandsPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesPrismatic Defence
WaistPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesPrismatic Defence
LegsPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesHealth
FeetPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesPrismatic Defence
NecklaceWar MachineJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingWar MachineJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingWar MachineJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
Main HandPuncturing RemedyAny 1HDecisiveAbsorb Stamina
Off HandPuncturing RemedyShieldWell FittedPrismatic Defence
Main Hand BackupWar MachineBow / Ice StaffInfusedCrusher
  • Roaring Opportunist isn’t used in this trial because neither healer is close enough to the group. The Off Tank is the best located support for getting some Major Slayer into the group as they are the only support who are always near the group.
  • Since this is a Medium Armor setup, you ideally want the Puncturing Remedy to provide you with healing because Vigor won’t out-heal some of the big damage you’ll get here, especially during heavens.
  • You can go double Frost Staff if you are comfortable.
HeadEarthgoreMediumDivinesPrismatic Defence
ChestEbonHeavyDivinesPrismatic Defence
LegsEbonHeavyDivinesPrismatic Defence
NecklaceDrake’s Rush / Saxhleel ChampionJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingDrake’s Rush / Saxhleel ChampionJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
RingDrake’s Rush / Saxhleel ChampionJewellerySwiftMagicka Recovery
Main HandPuncturing RemedyAny 1HDecisiveAbsorb Stamina
Off HandPuncturing RemedyShieldWell-FittedStamina
Main Hand BackupDrake’s Rush / Saxhleel ChampionIce StaffInfusedCrusher
  • Earthgore is used on this setup because if you can stand inside the circle poison AoE left behind when Llothis teleports, proc Earthgore and this will remove it from the floor making life easier for you and your group.
  • For a beginner group Ebon is still going to be a great set in this trial because people take so much damage its the best survival set for this situation because its a 28 metre aura.
  • Use Drake’s to get Ultimate back faster or use Saxhleel to extend the duration of the Major Force. Either one is a benefit to the group.
  • If you don’t want to use Ebon you could combine Drakes and Saxhleel.

Asylum Sanctorium Skills


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Asylum Sanctorium Champion Points

You should follow the standard Champion Point chart for this trial and then consider the following Red slottable CP which will help you in Asylum Sanctorium as the Off Tank specifically.

Asylum Sanctorium Videos

Serenity: Immortal Meemers | Asylum Sanctorium: Immortal Redeemer | Elder Scrolls Online



The most important thing here is movement speed. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you need to have Swift Jewellery or some method of reaching the Sprint Speed cap of 200%. Your job is mostly stacking the Mini bosses and you need to do this as fast as possible so they can start taking damage.


You can use any Class but the Sorcerer really excels in this particular situation mostly because of the Ball of Lightning and Boundless Storm skills.


Orc would work perfect here for the increased sprint speed and the healing tick. Any sustain based race would be great also.


The best Mundus Stone is The Steed so you can maximise your movement speed for stacking the Mini Bosses quickly and efficiently.


64 Health works if you are using Smtaina/Divines gear. You can balance out your stats however you want, but you want to have around 40k Health along with 25k+ Stamina and 22k+ Magicka.


You can use Bewitched Sugar Skulls which gives us Max Health, Magicka and Stamina plus more Health Recovery. Other options include any Food that provide Magicka and Magicka Recovery as it can be a very resource intensive fight.


You can use regular Tri-Stat potions here, there are no special requirements.