ESO Beginner Tank Build

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Tank Build, designed specifically for newcomers to tanking in the game.

These builds will help you complete content, acquire gear, and lay the foundation for a more advanced tank build. We’ve intentionally excluded sets like Leeching Plate to encourage your growth as a tank, allowing you to develop essential skills and knowledge.

Don’t forget to explore the listed sets for valuable tank gear and monster sets. Once you gain enough experience, you can progress to our Dungeon Tank Build. Remember, as a tank, your primary focus is supporting the group with buffs and debuffs, but first, focus on gaining the necessary experience.

Also see:  Beginner Tank Guide and join us on The Tank Club Discord.

ESO Beginner Tank Build Information


The Atronach


38k+ Health
17k+ Magicka
22k+ Stamina


Essence of Health Potion
More Info

  • Resistances: For normal content, just wearing 5 heavy armor and being buffed up with Major Resolve will be more than enough resistances.
  • Magicka Recovery: To sustain everything you’ll want 2,000+ Magicka Recovery.
  • Race: Nord would be the ideal race for long term progression. Short term Redguard would be useful but not as good later.

ESO Beginner Tank Gear