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ESO Companion Tank Build Information

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Companion Tank Build!

Companions were added into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Blackwood Chapter DLC in June 2021. The idea behind the companions is for players to have an ally to help them through some of the games content which is particularly helpful for brand new players to ESO.

Their are two companions available by completing the relevant quests in the Blackwood area, you can obtain the services of both Bastian Hallix who is a Dragonknight and Mirri Elendis who is a Nightblade.

You will also find two more companions which are available by completing the relevant quests in the High Isle area, you can obtain the services of both Ember who is a Sorcerer and Isobel Veloise who is a Templar.

It’s likely that more new companions will be added each year with the chapter DLC.

This companion Tank build works nicely for content such as questing, overland enemies, world bosses in base game areas, delves, dolmens and other lower damage areas and content.

You need to be prepared to have a healing ability to help your companion out as they do not perma-block or even attempt to block light attacks. They will only trigger their block when met with a channelled heavy attack so they do take a lot of damage and they struggle to keep themselves alive without your support.

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ESO Companion Tank Build Gear

ESO Companion Tank Build Skills

Bastian Hallix

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These are the main skills you will want to use when taking Bastian into boss content.

  1. Provoke: This is your companions taunt skill – will only work when the companion is in melee range of the target.
  2. Kindle: This is a heal that can go to Bastian or to you, he will only cast it when himself or you are under 75% health.
  3. Basalt Barrier: Provides a damage shield to both Bastian and any group members.
  4. On Guard: Another Max Health based skill, this will absorb 25% of the companions Max Health which is great with the Vigorous gear.
  5. Drake’s Blood: A Max Health based heal so it works quite well with the gear setup, also reduces incoming damage. Bastian only uses this when he is low on Health.
  6. Unleashed Rage: Ultimate skill, not really any choice here for Ultimate’s so you kind of have to use it luckily its quite a decent Ultimate with sunning enemies and a burst of damage.