‘Accolade’ ESO Dragonknight Tank Build

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‘Accolade’ ESO Dragonknight Tank Introduction

Welcome to the Accolade ESO Dragonknight Tank Build.

On this page you will discover the Accolade Hybrid Dragonknight Tank build, but also options for Veteran Dungeons, Veteran Trials and information on the ‘Affinity’ 1-Bar DK Tank Build.

Accolade is a Hybrid DK Damage Dealer Tank build designed for completing for all content, you can comfortable complete all Overland content without the usual limits of extremely low damage output.

With the Accolade build you’ll be able to easily solo overland content as a Tank such as World Bosses, Delves, Quests and Dolmens. You’ll be able to complete solo Arenas such as Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows even on veteran difficulty!

With Accolade you’ll also be able to Tank while doing some damage in things such as Normal Dungeons, Random Dungeons, Normal Trials, Pledges and Veteran & Hardmode Base Game Dungeons.

For Veteran Dungeons and Hardmode, Veteran Trials and Hardmode, see the Dungeon and Trial tabs for both gear and skills. Alternatively see: Main Tank, Off Tank, and Dungeon Tank builds.

Accolade is for people who only play Tank and want to try new content while maintaining the Tankiness. The DPS output of this build is somewhere between 35-50k DPS depending rotation accuracy. All of this is possible while also Tanking and self healing!

This build was inspired by Deltias Gaming who I followed back when I started ESO and I used to run a build like this that was created by him about 5+ year ago.

‘Accolade’ ESO Dragonknight Tank Information



The Shadow
The Atronach
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64 Stamina


Essence of Health Potions
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  • Race: I’m using a Nord for this build as I also regularly Tank Veteran Dungeon and Trial content, but you could opt for something else if you want.
  • Mundus Stone: The Shadow for increased Critical Damage will improve your DPS. You should switch to The Atronach for the additional Magicka Recovery when doing Dungeons/Trials. Using a damage orientated mundus is great but things are harder when you need to Tank and chain enemies.
  • Attributes: We are using all Tri-Stat enchants on our gear to pickup all the Health and Magicka we need so we put all our points into Stamina. Switch to 64 Health when not using the Accolade build.
  • Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls is good on this build for both damage and Tanking. If you’re struggling for resources then switching to Smoked Bear Haunch, it will reduce max stats but you’ll get a lot of Magicka and Stamina Recovery.
  • Potions: Use Tri-Stat potions to get all recoveries and resources back. We don’t need any other potions because we already get Major Brutality and Major Savagery from using a Mythic item.

‘Accolade’ ESO Dragonknight Tank Gear