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Updated: September 2021 – Waking Flame.
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"Accolade" DK Tank Build For All Content | Elder Scrolls Online | Waking Flame


Welcome to the Accolade ESO Dragonknight Tank Build. This build is an all round DK Tank build for everything other than Trials. With this build you’ll be able to complete Overland Content as a Tank such as World Bosses, Delves, Quests and Dolmens. You’ll be able to complete solo Arenas such as Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows. And you’ll also be able to Tank things such as Dungeons, Random Dungeons, Pledges and Veteran Hardmode Dungeons. It’s also possible with some adjustments to make this build work for PvP, Duelling and Battlegrounds.

Please be aware that this build is not something you would use in an organised and optimised group. While this build provides some support and a good amount of DPS and it’s a lot of fun to play, some aspects of the build such as the gear used would likely not be viable if you were participating in organised Veteran Trials or Veteran DLC Dungeons. You would need to utilise the Main Tank, Off Tank, and Dungeon Tank builds that we have on the site.

The Accolade build is the renamed new version of the Tribute build which is a Dragonknight Tank that can do everything!

This build is for people who, like myself, only ever play Tank and want to try new content while maintaining our Tankiness. The DPS output of this build is somewhere between 20-30k DPS depending on how well you can maintain all of your skills. All of this is possible while also Tanking and self healing! You can comfortable complete all Overland content without the usual limits of low damage. The more fun side of the build is being able to complete things like Veteran Maelstrom Arena. You are able to output enough damage to kill adds and bosses but Tanky enough to deal with all the enemies in each arena.

This build was created to answer the common question asked in the Tank Club which is “what do you use for overland content?” The concept and core of this build was inspired by Deltia who I followed back when I started ESO and I used to run a build like this that was created by him about 3-4 year ago. We have taken his idea and updated it into a usable build for ESO in 2021, and this is how we gave it the original name “Tribute” as it’s a tribute to Delita. This new version is a more well rounded version of the Tribute build which makes it more useful for group content and outputs even more damage.

Other Information

I’m using a Imperial for this build as I also switch to Tanking Veteran Trial content often and that’s the class I like best and it also helps this build. Other good classes for this build would be Redguard for more sustain. Orc for more damage focus. Khajiit for a combination of Max Stats/Recovery/Crit Healing for the Tank side of thing and the Crit Damage for the damage side of things.




The Atronach


64 Health


Essence of Health Potion

For the Mundus Stone we go with The Atronach for the additional Magicka Recovery. You can use something more damage orientated but it makes things a lot harder when you need to Tank and chain enemies.

Our Attributes are set with 64 Health. This is to make sure we are somewhere close to 30k Max Health and with our gear traits we should be just over 30k Stamina also. If you do not have 30k Health and 30k Stamina then adjust your Attributes to try and match this.

We will be using Bewitched Sugar Skulls for the food so we can get all 3 Max resources higher which are all valuable for Tanking. We still need access to some Magicka and Magicka skills so we use this food to make sure all 3 resources hold a high enough value to support our skill usage.

For potions we use Essence of Health Tri-Stat potions. We don’t need to use Weapon Damage potions because we get all of the same benefits as those potions with the skills we are using in the build so we just go for Tri-Stat so we can sustain all resources better.


ChestSeventh Legion BruteHeavyDivinesStamina
HandsPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesStamina
WaistPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesStamina
LegsSeventh Legion BruteHeavyDivinesStamina
FeetPowerful AssaultMediumDivinesStamina
NecklaceSeventh Legion BruteJewelleryRobustWeapon Damage
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelleryRobustWeapon Damage
RingSeventh Legion BruteJewelleryRobustWeapon Damage
Main HandPowerful AssaultAny 1HNirnhonedCrusher
Off HandPowerful AssaultShieldSturdyHealth
Main Hand BackupTitanic Cleave2HNirnhonedWeapon Damage

So the gear sets we will be using are all focussed around boosting our damage and making sure our main front bar remains as a One Hand and Shield.

For the monster set we are using Tremorscale which provides a range of benefits for us here. We get the 2395 extra physical pen which helps us to get close to that pen cap of 18200 and do more damage. The 1 piece gives us more Stamina and we also cause some AoE damage every 8 seconds when taunting. Since One Hand and Shield with Pierce Armor is one of the main skills we use on this build, it combines well with Tremorscale to give us some burst damage and some AoE.

The next set we are using is Seventh Legion Brute. This is a relatively cheap Overland Heavy Armor set that gives us extra weapon damage and health recovery and it is a nice way of boosting damage with a heavy set. We only need this as a back bar set since you proc the buff by casting a skill that gives us Major Resolve and this is located on our back bar. We keep this buff for 15 seconds after activating so we don’t need to have this on our active bar at all times and it also means we can run extra gear pieces. To make this happen we use 3 jewellery and 2 body pieces.

In addition, we also use Powerful Assault which we also split it so its only active on 1 bar. This is our main front bar set, it buffs our weapon damage but also buffs our groups weapon and spell damage. We use Shield, One Handed Weapon and 3 body pieces which means we can increase damage more with the 3 medium armor pieces.

Next we are making use of the Masters 2 Hander. This is used to provide the build with some cleave damage but also some safety as you’ll be able to cleave an add pull and get a huge damage shield meaning you don’t need to block as much.

We are using a 3 Heavy and 4 Medium setup. The sets we are using only comes in a Heavy and Medium so we want a little bit of Heavy so we can Tank but we want a few pieces of Medium to help with sustain and damage.

For the Armor Traits we use full Divines or Sturdy or Infused on the big pieces – Chest, Head, Legs and Divines on the small pieces – Shoulder, Hands, Waist, Feet. You could use Sturdy here but you would lose some damage since the Divines pieces are buffing our Warrior Mundus Stone potentially which buffs our Weapon Damage or your Magicka Recovery if using the Atronach. We use Stamina on all these pieces as we are using 64 points into Health and need to get to 30k Max Stamina.

The Jewellery Traits are either Infused or Robust with Weapon Damage. We have low Stamina Recovery and sometimes you might struggle for sustain without having a high Stamina pool from the Robust. Weapon Damage is needed to buff our Damage.

Weapons we are using a 2 Handed Weapon on the back bar, I’ve gone with a Nirnhoned Maul because it will boost damage of Carve, and a increased Weapon Damage enchant. For the Shield Sturdy/Health can be good so we have a bit more Max Health and reduced block cost when we are on our main bar and blocking. For the 1 Handed Weapon we have Nirnhoned to boost us closer to pen cap along with a Poisoned enchant as we gain Stamina back via our DK passives for causing the poison effect so it does damage and also provides us with extra sustain.

Where to Obtain:

Tremorscale – Veteran Volenfell, Glirion the Redbeard

Seventh Legion Brute – Bangkorai Overland or Guild Traders.

Powerful Assault – Tel Var Merchant or Guild Traders.

Master’s 2 Handed Weapon – Dragonstar Arena

Other notable sets that you could use:



Dragonknight Skills

ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

Dragonknight Passives

  • Ardent Flame:
  • Draconic Power:
  • Earthen Heart:
  • One Hand and Shield:
  • Two Handed:
  • Medium Armor:
  • Heavy Armor:
  • Fighters Guild:
  • Undaunted:
  • Racial:
  • Alchemy:
  • Pierce Armor – Our main Taunt which also debuff the enemy with Major Breach, our main spammable skill since its so cheap to cast.
  • Heroic Slash – We need to recast this every 12 seconds to maintain the Minor Heroism which gives us Ultimate. We also inflict Minor Maim on the enemy reducing the damage they do.
  • Venomous Claw – Extremely strong damage over time skill. Get this applied to an enemy and leave it to run the full duration for maximum effect.
  • Power Slam – Our biggest hitting skill. Block an attack from the enemy and follow it up with a Power Slam to increase the damage of it and make the most of the high Stamina cost. Only use this when you have extra Stamina
  • Ultimate: Spell Wall or Barrier – Two options here, Spell Wall is great for an emergency Ultimate if you are low on health or resources and want to block for free for a few seconds to heavy attack regain some Stamina and also return projectiles to the enemy. You also gain a bit of sustain as a DK from using Ultimate anyway so this would be the Ultimate to use if the situation fits. The other option is to slot Barrier for the Magicka Aid passive for 10% more Magicka Recovery.
  • Flames of Oblivion – Gives us Major Savagery increasing our weapon crit but its also decent damage, damage over time and hits multiple enemies which can sometimes be an issue on the build with the lack of cleave damage. Using this removes the need for Weapon Power Potions.
  • Rally – One of the main reasons we use a 2 Handed weapon is for this skill. Keep it active at all times, gives a nice heal every second, also provides Major Brutality which also removes the need for Weapon Power Potions. This is also our burst heal, if you are low health and this has been running for a few seconds you can cast again to receive a burst heal which can be really helpful.
  • Igneous Shield – Gives us a nice damage shield, 990 Stamina, Minor Brutality to increase our Weapon Damage even more and we get Major Mending which works great on this bar along with our Powered Weapon and Rally for our burst heal.
  • Noxious Breath – We use this skill so we are able to do some cleave damage, but also to add an extra damage dot to our enemies. In a big add stack you can mostly just spam this skill to clear them.
  • Volatile Armor – Another AoE skill that helps us do a little cleave. This procs our back bar gear set Seventh Legion, takes us to almost resistance cap and causes a little AoE damage also.
  • Ultimate: Standard of Might – This is our main Ultimate and should be used as often as possible. This provides our biggest DPS output and it also reduces our damage taken and our damage done when we use it.

Other Skills that could be used:

When doing 4-Man content you could switch skills to offer a little more group support.

  • Choking Talons – Use this skill rather than Power Bash to improve your add control.
  • Aggressive Horn – Switch Standard of Might for this group based Ultimate.
  • Balance – To sustain Talons and Chains you’ll need to drop Volatile Armor for Balance.

How to Play / Guide

The main objective of this build is to be a Tank that can do damage.

Pre fight buff up with Rally, Flames of Oblivion, Igneous Shield, instigate combat with the enemy with and apply all of your dots with Volatile Armor and Noxious Breath on the back bar and then Venomous Claw, Heroic Slash and finally Pierce Armor which will also proc Tremorscale.

You should keep rotating through each skill as it runs out, allowing them to run for their full duration. If everything is active then you simply spam Pierce Armor. If you have a lot of Stamina you can switch between 2x Pierce Armor and 1 Heroic Slash.

You won’t need to block all of the time, you are taking less damage than a damage dealer and capable of a decent damage output but with all of your health and resistances you can afford to drop block and attack, only blocking Heavy Attacks and Mechanics, upon doing so you follow it up with a buffed Power Slam.

As soon as you have generated your Ultimate you should always try to use Standard of Might as it’s your hardest hitting ability. If you are in a rough situation and likely to die then you can pop Shield Wall and this should help you survive and get back your resources.

Use your Tri-Stat potions when you are under 50% Stamina, and you can also use your Ultimate and Igneous Shield for extra Stamina gain.

You will need to use Light Attacks in between each skill to build Ultimate faster and they are one of your higher portions of damage, and regular Heavy Attacks are helpful and good damage especially if you use them after expensive skills such as Power Slam.

Accolade Dragonknight Tank

Champion Points


Bloody Renewal
Boundless Vitality
Hero’s Vigor
Tireless Guardian


Deadly Aim
Tireless Discipline
Eldritch Insight
Elemental Aegis
Duelist’s Rebuff

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