ESO Dragonknight Tank Guide

ESO Dragonknight Tank Introduction

Welcome to our ESO Dragonknight Tank Guide. On this page we’ll be taking a deep dive into everything you need to know about the DK Tank, including the skills, passives, strengths and weaknesses.

The Dragonknight Tank is an all round good option for every situation, they are build amazingly well for Tanking in all situations and environments with many skills that have a use for a Tank. They are really good to play for beginners and still great all the way up to end game thanks to the buff they offer a group.

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ESO Dragonknight Tank Class Skills and Passives

Ardent Flame

Dragonknight Standard
This skill is not required for tanking but might be used in solo content.

Lava Whip
(Not Needed)

Burning Embers → Morph of Searing Strike
This can be used to proc Encratis’s Behemoth or Elemental Catalyst when you already have a DK in group using Engulfing Flames since this skill is about 1k Magicka cheaper to cast.

Venomous Claw→ Morph of Searing Strike
A cheap damage skill for doing damage as an Off Tank or Tank/DD Hybrid Tank build. This skill is used in the Tribute Tank Build for solo content.

Engulfing Flames → Morph of Fiery Breath
If you are in a group with no other DK and people in your group are using Flame Staves/Skills/Enchants, then this is a vital skill that must be used.
To get the max 6% Flame Damage buff you need 4000 Spell Damage and 4000 Weapon Damage. When you use Igneous Weapons, have Minor Sorcery from a Templar, Major/Minor Courage from SPC/Yolnahkriin and the War Horn resource buff you should be somewhere near 6%. Even if you can’t hit 6% even a 3% gain is useful as it’s extra DPS for your group.

Noxious Breath → Morph of Fiery Breath
This causes Area of Effect Major Breach which can be handy for add pulls and dungeons. You can use this to debuff a whole stack of enemies very quickly so you should consider using it when you are stacking enemies using chains and range taunt and dealing with multiple enemies.

Unrelenting Grip → Morph of Fiery Grip
A very important ability for stacking enemies and one of the few Magicka pull abilities in the game. This will chain any none elite target to you but it will not work on a target that was recently crowd controlled or any Boss or Elite target, it will refund the cost if this is the case so can be used as a free speed boost if you use it on those targets. This ability can be combined with Talons for great crowd control, it’s possible to chain and the immediately talons an enemy. Unrelenting Grip also applies a 15 second taunt, this can only be applied to enemies that are not already taunted, this makes the skill even better since you can pull enemies and they remain aggroed to you.

Cauterize → Morph of Inferno
You might possibly use this for a certain Dungeon builds if you run in a group without a Healer and want an effortless heal that can hit you or people in your group.

Flames of Oblivion → Morph of Inferno
Scales with your highest offensive stat and it’s a decent damage skill for Off Tank or Tank/DD Hybrid builds.

This is a vital sustain passive for the Dragonknight Tank. When you cast Unrelenting Grip, it can proc Burning and this passive to give you 1000 Magicka back. If you are using a Charged One-Handed Weapon with a Poison Glyph it can also proc the Poisoned effect and this passive again to give you 1000 Stamina.


Searing Heat

World in Ruin

None of these three passives are really vital for Tanking. If you occasionally play solo or as a DD or Tank/Hybrid then these passives are mostly damage dealer passives, or if you use Engulfing Flames you will need the passives.

Draconic Power