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Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Dungeon Tank Build for optimised 4-person content.

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ESO Dungeon Tank Build Information

Welcome to our ESO Dungeon Tank Build, designed to help you optimize your performance in 4-person dungeon content, specifically veteran and hardmode dungeons. If you’re new to dungeon tanking, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our Beginner Tank Build page.

To truly succeed in 4-person content, you need to consider a variety of factors, such as the classes of your group members and whether you have 3 Damage Dealers or 2 Damage Dealers and 1 Healer. That’s where our optimized build comes in, tailored to suit your specific needs and help you dominate in any dungeon.

Unlike 12-player trials, dungeon content offers a wealth of options for Tank setups, giving you more flexibility to choose the gear that best suits your individual playstyle. Your gear choices will also have a direct impact on a smaller number of damage dealers, so the way gear sets work and perform is very different compared to larger group content.

So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, our ESO Dungeon Tank Build is the perfect tool to help you conquer even the toughest dungeon challenges.

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The Atronach
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38k+ Health
15k+ Magicka
20k+ Stamina


Tri-Stat Potions
Minor Heroism Potions
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  • Resistances: Base game dungeons any resistances will work, for DLC dungeons you should aim for 25k+ and for DLC Hardmode dungeons 30k+. The newer the dungeon, generally the harder they are so use some Reinforced pieces if needed, Defending One Handed Weapon or Resolving Vigor for Minor Resolve. The more you block, the less value your resistances have because of Block Mitigation unless you’re receiving DoT damage or not blocking then Resistances play a much more important role.
  • Magicka Recovery: To sustain all uptimes you’ll want 2,000+ Magicka Recovery.
  • Race: Nord would be the ideal race but it’s not essential, use any race you like.

ESO Dungeon Tank Build Gear