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Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Dungeon Tank Build for optimised 4-person content.

This build has been designed for optimised 4-person dungeon content more specifically for veteran and hardmode dungeons. If you are looking for a more beginner friendly dungeon build, then check out the Beginner Tank Builds page and our YouTube channel.

When it comes to an optimised build for 4-person content there are a few different options to consider depending on your group such as what classes the other people are and if you are with 3 Damage Dealers or 2 Damage Dealers and 1 Healer.

When it comes to dungeons content there are a lot more good options for Tank setup compared to trials. The most important thing for 4-person content is individual performance, and your gear choices will only be affecting 2-3 damage dealers, so the way gear sets work and perform are very different compared to a 12-person trial with 8 damage dealers.

We have Dungeon Tank Guides in the Guide section of the site or check out Irreverent Aegis – YouTube for more Dungeon Tank guides.

#1 Dungeon Tank Build [ALL CLASSES] | Elder Scrolls Online | Firesong


The Atronach
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38k~ Health
18k+ Magicka
22k+ Stamina


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ESO Dungeon Tank Build Gear

When setting up an optimised Dungeon build for Tanking you basically have multiple gear set options where all of them are pretty similar in how they perform regardless of what benefits they provide to your group. Just pick whichever sets you want from the list below based on your individual group. Make sure the sets to choose don’t conflict with the other members of your group.

  1. Turning Tide – Amazing set, gives you a great Major Vulnerability uptime which is available for every add pull and a 66% uptime on bosses.
  2. Vestment of Olorime – Great damage buff set but only use this when you don’t have a Healer.
  3. Powerful Assault – Secondary to Olorime for its damage buff, good set but requires a lot of micro-management.
  4. Claw of Yolnhakriin – The staple Tank set for everything, works good in this situation too, easy to use.
  5. Pearlescent Ward – Great for progression or pick up groups where you provide a DPS buff but get damage reduction if people die allowing you to survive and potentially save your group.
  6. Drake’s Rush – Mostly useful for organised groups, it provides a higher DPS % than Yolnahkriin but only if everyone uses Ultimate’s on cooldown.
  7. Crimson Oath’s Rive – Good in groups with DDs using Medium Armor as they will need more penetration, also good for beginners who might forget to apply Crusher to bosses.
  8. Pangrit Denmother – This is the same as Yolnhakriin but it’s easier to obtain. Only useful for 4-person groups.
  9. Saxhleel Champion – Good defensive set allowing you to use Barrier Ultimate’s for safety while also providing a group DPS buff.
  10. War Machine – Not useful in general but if your group has very high DPS and can burn bosses then it can be good for burst DPS, only use on boss fights.

Next you have a choice of Monster Set depending on your group situation.

  1. Archdruid Devyric – This provides an easy 100% uptime of Major Vuln when used with Turning Tide, not good for add pulls but great on bosses.
  2. Nazaray – Very good only when combined with Turning Tide & Frost Clench for huge uptimes when timed accurately.
  3. Tremorscale – A useful option for groups using Medium Armor as they will likely be under the pen cap, only use this or Crimson, not both.
  4. Magma Incarnate – If you are not using Yolnahkriin and don’t have the Spaulder then this could be used, it is very inconsistent and doesn’t work very well however.
  5. Symphony of Blades – If you have no Healer then you might consider using this to help your groups sustain but you’ll also need an AoE healing skill.
  6. Engine Guardian – If you need self-sustain then this is the best thing to use.

All of the main gear options for this build can be used on just 1 bar so you have the option of using a weapon set.

  1. Puncturing Remedy – Master’s 1 Hand and Shield, great for boss fights, boosts resistances and gives you a burst heal.
  2. Void Bash – Vateshran 1 Hand and Shield, this is basically best in slot for all classes for add pulls, press 1 button to stack a whole add pull.

Mythic Items can sometimes fit into a build also and these are the best options.

  1. Spaulder of Ruin & 1 piece Magma Incarnate – The only mythic worth using. Best in slot for add pulls and good on bosses but probably not as good as Archdruid or Nazaray.

ESO Dungeon Tank Build Skills


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