ESO Engulfing Flames Dragonknight Tank Build


Welcome to this ESO Engulfing Flames Dragonknight Tank Build.

This build was created by @Elfoblin of the Unchained Animals on PC EU.

The main purpose of this build is to provide the group with Engulfing Flames and this build will help the Tank to reach the threshold needed to supply the full 10% benefit of Engulfing Flames.

This build relies on you receiving Minor Sorcery (via Templar Illuminate Passive), Major Courage (via Spell Power Cure or Olorime) and Major Force (via Aggressive Horn) from your group to reach the full 10%.

The main place this build would be used is in Veteran Asylum Sanctorium but it can be utilised in other Trials also with some Red and Green CP adjustments.




The Mage


38 Magicka
26 Health


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health PotionMore Info


HeadLady ThornHeavyInfusedPrismatic Defence
ShoulderLady ThornLightSturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestClaw of YolnahkriinHeavyInfusedPrismatic Defence
HandsClaw of YolnahkriinHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
WaistRoar of AlkoshMediumSturdyMagicka
LegsClaw of YolnahkriinHeavyInfusedPrismatic Defence
FeetClaw of YolnahkriinHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
NecklaceClaw of YolnahkriinJewelleryTriuneSpell Damage
RingRoar of AlkoshJewelleryTriuneSpell Damage
RingRoar of AlkoshJewelleryTriuneSpell Damage
Main HandRoar of AlkoshAny 1HInfusedWeapon Damage
Off HandRoar of AlkoshShieldSturdyHealth
Main Hand BackupRoar of AlkoshLightning StaffInfusedCrusher



Pierce Armor Heroic Slash Balance Green Dragon Blood Stone Giant Aggressive Horn
Inner Rage Igneous Weapons Elemental Blockade Engulfing Flames Inner Light Ice Comet


For more by Elfoblin checkout their YouTube and The Tank Club on YouTube.

Champion Points

The Warrior

72 Ironclad
56 Thick Skinned
56 Hardy
56 Elemental Defender
3 Heavy Armor Focus
27 Quick Recovery

The Thief

44 Sprinter
75 Arcanist
56 Tenacity
44 Tumbling
51 Shadow Ward

The Mage

18 Master-at-Arms
48 Piercing
75 Mighty