Welcome to The Tank Club’s ESO+ Free Trial Tank Guide!

There is now a free trial of ESO+ active in game until January 31st 2023 and there are some things you can do as a Tank to make the most of this free trial and get yourself setup in The Elder Scrolls Online.

During this free trial you have access to all zones, dungeons and trials and you can unlock a lot of items, skill lines and pick up gear that will be extremely useful to you as a Tank.

Here are the things you should focus on while the free trial is active.

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ESO+ Free Trial Tank Guide


  • Psijic Order Skills (Summerset DLC): Complete the main story quest of Summerset until you get sent to Artaeum where you can begin the Psijic Order quests. Complete those to level up your Psijic Order Skills. You’ll especially want the skills Undo/Temporal Guard and Accelerate/Race Against Time.
  • Jewellery Crafting (Summerset DLC): This will NOT be accessible once the free trial ends however you should make sure to get research completed for Infused Neck and Rings and any other useful traits. Make sure to check our Tank Jewellery Page to decide which traits to research.
  • Excavation and Scrying Skills (Greymoor DLC): Complete the quest in Greymoor and level up your skills so you can collect some great Tank Mythic Items.
  • Orzorga’s Recipes (Orsinium DLC): Complete the Orzorga’s quests in Wrothgar to collect two useful Tank Food recipes.
  • General: Collect Skyshards, Lorebooks, complete treasure maps, main story quests and public dungeon group events in all DLC zones.
  • Crafting: Collect as many crafting materials as possible, complete crafting surveys in DLC areas and complete daily writs on as many characters as possible and store all materials in your craft bag.
  • Enter one dungeon from each dungeon DLC to unlock free pets and cosmetics for your character.
  • Other: You have double storage in your houses so load them up with furniture, Dye your costumes and collect 1000 transmute crystals.
  • Complete solo arenas such as Vateshran Hollows and Maelstrom Arena. Vateshran is especially important for Void Bash.
  • Complete dungeons for any missing Tank Sets and Monster Sets that you need.
  • Do normal or veteran trials for any trial gear that you are missing such as Claw of Yolnahkriin and Saxhleel Champion.

Gear Checklist

Dungeon Gear – Collect these important Tank Sets from Normal Dungeons:

Dungeon Monster Sets – Collect these most useful Monster Sets from Veteran Dungeons some of these are quite hard to complete:

Mythic Items – These are the best ones, try to collect them from Scrying and Digging:

Weapon Sets – There are many but the most useful one is from Vateshran Hollows: