ESO Halls of Fabrications Off Tank Build

Halls of Fabrication Information

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Halls of Fabrication Off Tank Build.

Halls of Fabrications is a DLC 12-person trial located in Vvardenfell. It was the fifth trial that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Morrowind Chapter in June 2017.

This trial has the most main bosses of any trial with 5 different bosses and many add pulls in between.

You will see a lot of new and interesting mechanics in this trial and it is a very Tank heavy trial. It can be initially quite difficult for beginner groups due to the length of the trial and the varying mechanics on every boss.

These Off Tank builds are tried and tested for Veteran and Hardmode Halls of Fabrications.

Tank Guides for this Trial are available in the Tank Guide section and on our YouTube channel.

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The Atronach
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Essence of Health Potions
Essence of Weapon Power
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