? ESO Jesters Festival Guide 2021 – by Isriana from the Serenity Guide on PC/EU

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

? The ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021: The event starts on Thursday, 25th of March and runs until Thursday, 1st of April. The event begins and ends at 15:00 CET

? There are six different Jester’s quests you can do, including three new ones introduced by this year’s event. You can do all these once a day per character.

  • Quest givers can be found in a Jester’s tent: one in Glenumbra near Daggerfall, one in Auridon near Vulkhel Guard, two in Stonefalls near Ebonheart, and two in Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven.
  • Read a note at any festival tent to activate the second quest in Hammerdeath arena.
  • You will get the next Jester’s Quest when you return the previous one (excluding the quest in Hammerdeath which you get from a note).

? If you are looking to do Jester’s Festival achievements take a look at achievement guide below for some tips on how to get them done.

? If this is your first time participating in Jester festival, you will get a “Pie of Misrule” memento from first quest. Everyone else can use the pie memento you’ve got in previous years. Use the pie memento to get double XP for 2 hours. This bonus will stack with XP scrolls and drinks. You can use the pie as many times as you want.

? Jesters Festival Boxes

? You will get a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box when you do the first Jester’s quest of the day. Other Jester’s Festival quest will reward regular Jester’s Festival Boxes

? Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box can contain:

  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages
  • Fragments of two Mementos: the Festive Noise Maker or Jester’s Festival Joke Popper
  • Jokey Stealies to sell to vendors
  • Runeboxes containing the Cherry Blossom Branch or Jester’s Scintillator mementos
  • Fragments of the Sovereign Sow pet
  • NEW Regal Regalia Outfit Style Pages
  • NEW Fragments of the Playful Prankster’s Surprise Box memento

? Regular Jester’s Boxes can also contain some of the goods mentioned above, but the drop rate will be lesser than with the Stupenduous Jester’s Festival Boxes .

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021
ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021


? The first Jester’s Festival quest of the day will give you 3 Event Tickets. The tickets reset at the same time as daily crafting writs, at 08:00 CET

? The Event Merchant will sell:

  • Regal Regalia Outfit style pages
  • Sovereign Sow Collectible fragments
  • Impresario’s Group Repair Kits
  • Unstable Morpholith parts.
  • All the morph fragments for the Deadlands Scorcher skin

? ESO Jesters Festival Achievements

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021
ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Lord of Misrule/Lady of Misrule title is awarded for completing each of the three daily quests associated with the Jester’s Festival, including Springtime Flair outside Vulkhel Guard, A Noble Guest outside Ebonheart, and Royal Revelry outside Daggerfall.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Princess Rescuer is awarded for leading Princess the pig back to Jester Skald-King Jorunn at the Jester’s Camp south of Ebonheart without being caught by her owner. Note that you must go through the city. Attempting to go around it by swimming or teleporting to a wayshrine or owned property will not work.

Rescuing princess will first require you to steal some mudcrab apples. If you do get caught, you can go around Ebonheart on eastern side to reach the point where you steal the pig easily without getting caught by any guards and wait for your bounty to go away.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021
ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

There are few ways to get out of the city with the Princess without getting spotted by the Butcher. South-East path through the city provides an easy way to get the achievement.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Smile, in the Name of the Queen is awarded for using either Cherry Blossom Twigs or the Cherry Blossom Branch memento, both of which can be gained as a reward from the festival boxes. To get the achievement quickly, it’s good idea to throw the petals in crowded places as single use of the item can affect up to 5 players at once.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Illusive Dazzler is awarded for using any type of illusion dazzler during the Jester’s Festival. You will receive 9 free dazzlers each time you do the daily Royal Revelry quest in Daggerfall, and they also drop as rewards from the festival boxes.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Dazzling Entertainer is awarded for using any type of illusion dazzler at each of the three Undaunted Enclaves (Elden Root, Wayrest, Mournhold) during the Jester’s Festival

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Jester’s Personal Chef is awarded for learning each of the four Provisioning recipes associated with the Jester’s Festival. The recipes can be found in Jester’s Festival Boxes, but historically the droprate hasn’t been amazing. Fastest way to get these is to either trade them with other players or simply purchase them from a guild trader.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Obnoxious Mute Face Paint head marking requires the completion of following achievements:

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

The Three Fillings War requires you to throw Revelry Pies (gained from festival boxes) at players of other alliances. You can equip the pies in your quickbar and they can be thrown at friend and foe alike. Their filling based on your alliance: banana, blueberry, or strawberry. You can complete thisin PvE zones.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

The Upper Crust achievement is rewarded by throwing a Revelry Pie at each of the Alliance leaders.

Note that the location of each monarch depends on main quest lines you have completed or have in progress right now. If you cannot find your alliance leader at the first location listed, check the other ones.

  • Queen Ayrenn
    Skywatch Manor in Skywatch, Auridon
    Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury in Vulkhel Guard, Auridon Tanzelwil in Auridon The Queen’s Residence in Marbruk, Greenshade The Silvenar’s Audience Hall in Silvenar, Malabal Tor The Temple of the Dance in Dune, Reaper’s March Stirk
  • High King Emeric
    Wayrest Castle in Wayrest, Stormhaven
    Shornhelm Chapel in Shornhelm, Rivenspire Evermore Palace in Evermore, Bangkorai Bangkorai Garrison in Bangkorai Hall of Heroes in Bangkorai Stirk
  • Jorunn the Skald-King
    Skald-King’s Temporary Court in Windhelm, Eastmarch
    Fort Amol in Eastmarch Jorunn’s Stand in Eastmarch Honrich Tower in the Rift Trolhetta in the Rift Stirk

Note that only one player can throw a pie and get the achievement at a time, so queues may form in the most popular locations. Throwing a pie at your monarch will result in a bounty

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

More Than You Can Chew can be earned by throwing Revelry Pies at guards. Note that you will get a bounty by doing so.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021

Messy Business achievement and Empieror/Empieress title can be completed easily by teaming up with players of other alliance and taking turns killing each other. You will need at least two people per alliance so you can take turns resurrecting each other.

ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021
ESO Jesters Festival Event Guide 2021


?You can add The Pie of Misrule memento, Cherry Blossom Branch/Twig and Revelry Pies to your quickbar for ease of use

?You can start with whichever jester quest, but the next quest offered will always go in same order:

?To quickly get from one Jester location to another you can use the free inn rooms (and the new port outside of the house function) in The Rosy Lion Inn Room in Daggerfall, The Ebony Flask Inn Room in Ebonheart and Mara’s Kiss Inn Room in Vulkhel Guard

?Royal Revelry daily quest requires you to collect materials from two delves, Ilessan Tower and Silumm. Fastest way to move between delves is to check the guild rosters and see if you can port to any player who’s in the delve already

?Fireworks in Royal Revelry daily quest are shared by the group. If you are doing the quest with friends each of you can simply go to one firework location and it will count for everyone

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