ESO Kyne’s Aegis Main Tank Build

Kyne’s Aegis Information

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Kyne’s Aegis Main Tank Build.

Kyne’s Aegis is a DLC 12-person trial located in Western Skyrim. It was the ninth trial that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor Chapter in June 2020.

This is the Main Tank build which covers both Veteran and Hardmode Kyne’s Aegis and we have gear options for both progression level groups and for advanced level groups. The experience of both your group and your Tank will impact what sort of setup you should use in this trial.

vKA is quite a simple trial mechanically but with very punishing amounts of damage taken by the Main Tank from start to finish. This trial has some of the most difficult and hardest hitting add pulls of any trial with very little room for error.

The bosses have very basic mechanics and are quite simple to learn but everything hits really hard and you will spend a lot of time blocking.

There are three bosses in this trial and each one has it’s own Hardmode. The Hardmodes on boss one and two are not vastly different mechanically from the regular veteran modes, but do hit harder and it’s a good idea to have an Off Tank guard you.

The last boss Hardmode is very punishing and the Main Tank alone will take more damage in this one fight than in any other full trial in the game.


The Atronach
The Lady


64 Health


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion More Info

Kyne’s Aegis Gear