ESO Maw of Lorkhaj Main Tank Build

Maw of Lorkhaj Information

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Maw of Lorkhaj Main Tank Build.

Maw of Lorkhaj is a DLC 12-person trial located in Reaper’s March. It was the fourth trial that was introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online with the Thieves Guild DLC in March 2016. This was the first max level trial (VR16/CP160) and the first trial to have a Normal, Veteran and Hardmode version. The trials release prior to this were the 3 Craglorns that only had Normal and Hardmode, and they were scaled at Vet Rank 12-14 (CP120-140).

This trial contains 3 boss fights, with a Hardmode on the last boss than can be turned on and off and was the first trial where this was possible. There are many waves of different add pulls in between each boss fight.

These are Main Tank builds are tried and tested for Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj and its Hardmode also.



The Atronach


64 Health


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion More Info

Maw of Lorkhaj Gear