RIP Claw of Yolnahkriin – What Do We Use Now?

With the Elder Scrolls Online Necrom, the Arcanist arrives and with the end of the popular Tank Set – the Claw of Yolnahkriin and a New Tank Meta.

This has been on the cards for a little while thanks to the Minor Courage buff being provided by the Oakensoul Ring and the increase in Heavy Attack Damage Dealer builds, but with the addition the Arcanist skill Arcanist’s Domain which is a large 20 second AoE that provides Minor Courage also this is final nail in the coffin for this set.

Claw of Yolnahkriin has been a pillar Tank set for 4 years, and was so popular thanks to, at the time, it’s virtually unique group buff combined with the Tank benefits of using the set and then the simplicity of using it. This meant that all Tanks had at least 1 set they could bank on for collecting, and invest into getting the perfect traits, upgrading it to legendary and throwing on some gold Tri-stat enchants.

With the set now becoming obsolete the big question is what do you use to replace it? It’s not as simple as a straight switch from one set to the next. For dungeons there has been a lot of options for Tank sets for a while due to the smaller group size, you can benefit from a wider variety of sets and you have less group members available to wear group buff sets and also less people benefitting from them – sets such as Powerful Assault, Vestment of Olorime, Turning Tide, Pearlescent Ward, Drakes Rush and Crimson Oath’s Rive are all great options for 4-player content.

When it comes to Tank sets for Trials Main Tanks Yolnahkriin was one the only guaranteed sets we had with the 2nd 5-piece set varying depending on group and experience. It does mean if you want to do trials you’ll need to keep a bigger collection of set available as your group leader may now request a much wider variety of gear compared to before where it was Yolnahkriin + 1 other set. You’ll want to have Pearlescent Ward and Saxhleel Champion as your base sets as they will fit into most groups but then Crimson Oath’s Rive and Turning Tide as your situational sets. It’s always a good idea to keep all supports sets available because they could easily become meta Tank sets.

Claw of Yolnahkriin

If you have both 3 Necros and a Damage Dealer in Alkosh then both Turning Tide and Crimson are not needed, then your Off Tank would potentially be using Powerful Assault and Saxhleel Champion so that leaves you with only Pearlescent Ward. Sax can be doubled up, but it does leave the potential for other support sets to be utilised by the Main Tank- maybe Ebon makes a comeback in 2023! Only joking!

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