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'Wraith' Nightblade Tank Build | Elder Scrolls Online | Firesong


Welcome to the Wraith ESO Nightblade Tank Build.

Please be aware that this build is not something you would use in an organised and optimised groups for Veteran Trials. This build provides some decent group buffs, tons of enemy debuffs and damage reduction along with some really fast Ultimate regeneration

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The Atronach


64 Health


Tri-Stat Potion
Heroism Potion
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The first set we use is the Void Bash (Vateshran) set. This is vital for adds because the Nightblade is not strong at dealing with add pulls because their only pull skill is Silver Leash which is an expensive Stamina skill so chaining 8 enemies can be very tricky on sustain without Void Bash. When it comes to boss fights you can switch this out for the Master Weapons since they will offer more benefit.

Next, we use Drake’s Rush, and this is a great set that gives about a 4% DPS increase thanks to the Ultimate it provides to both you and the group with Major Heroism. It’s a really simple set to use and it can be slotted on just one bar.

We combine Drake’s with another “bash” set which provide even more DPS and that set is Turning Tide. This set inflicts an AoE debuff onto enemies applying Major Vulnerability which makes enemies receive more damage from your group.

Finally, we use the Spaulder of Ruin which is a very simple to use Mythic where you just crouch to turn it on and when your group stand near you, they get a big buff to their Weapon and Spell damage. Since this is a one piece, we combine it with a one piece of Magma Incarnate or Baron Thirsk to top up our Magicka and Stamina recovery.

Where to Obtain:

Drake’s Rush – Black Drake Villa Dungeon

Turning Tide – Shipwright’s Regret

Void Bash – Vateshran Hollows Arena & Veteran Vateshran Hollows Arena (Perfected)

Puncturing Remedy – Dragonstar Arena & Veteran Dragonstar Arena (Perfected)

Spaulder of Ruin

  • Aureal Armor Glaze: Stonefalls – Shivering Shrine World Boss
  • Petrified Daedroth Horn: Deadlands – Abomination World Boss
  • Void Alloy Rivets: Any Dremora
  • Void Alloy Lame Plates: Leyawiin Lockboxes
  • Clannfear Leather Strapping: Any Clannfear


Nightblade Skills


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  • Pierce Armor – Our main Taunt which also debuff the enemy with Major & Minor Breach and will heal us via the Master Weapons.
  • Lotus Fan – AoE Minor Vulnerability, stacks nicely with Turning Tide to provide more damage for your group.
  • Leeching Strikes – This is a sustain and healing skill that requires you to perform Light and Heavy attacks to generate both Health and Stamina. Really helps the Nightblade to sustain and is also slotted on the front bar for the Magicka Flood, Soul Siphoner and Transfer passives.
  • Dark Cloak – The Nightblade Tanks main healing skill. This is a strong heal over time that scales with Max Health but it also procs the Major Resolve passive and gives Minor Protection making you take less damage. You gain tons more healing when stood still which will suit a Tank quite well.
  • Power Bash – This is used simply to proc the Void Bash set.
  • Ultimate: Incapacitating Strike / Barrier – Incap will be a good Ultimate if you are using Leeching Strikes well and Light Attacking often. If you are blocking more and not using Light Attacks then Barrier would be a better replacement.
  • Inner Rage – This is needed for range taunting enemies so they are attacking you and can be pulled in by the Swarm Mother set.
  • Pulsar – This skill is used to proc the Chilled effect on the enemy, when combined with Elemental Blockade it creates an Immobilisation which is something the Nightblade doesn’t have built in but by doing this it gives great access to a method of crowd control that can be used after proccing the Void Bash pull on enemies. You also get AoEs of Minor Mangle, Minor Breach, Minor Brittle and Minor Protection.
  • Elemental Blockade – We use this to proc and maintain our back bar weapon enchant but the Ice Staff is also a useful utility for Tanking.
  • Mirage – This skill boosts our resistances with Minor Resolve, but you get reduced AoE damage via Minor Evasion.
  • Refreshing Path – Really nice skill to give you and your group a speed boost, a heal and more Stamina and Magicka sustain.
  • Ultimate: Aggressive Horn – Our main ultimate and extremely useful group buff which increases our max stats and crit damage for our whole group.

Other Skills to use:

  • Silver Leash – Slot this if you need a back up chain skill for when Void Bash misses some enemies.
  • Clench – When on bosses, switch Inner Rage to Frost Clench for all the extra benefits including guaranteed Chilled effect, Major and Minor Maim and Minor Brittle all combined with this ranged taunt.
  • Mass Hysteria – This is not used for the fear but it’s used for the enemy debuff of Major Cowardice which is still applied even if you don’t fear the enemy. This helps reduce the bosses damage to you and your group.
  • Power Extraction – This is used also for reducing the boss damage but this time inflicting Minor Cowardice.

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