‘Wraith’ ESO Nightblade Tank Build

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‘Wraith’ ESO Nightblade Tank Introduction

Welcome to the realm of Tamriel, where danger lurks in every corner and heroes rise to the challenge. Are you ready to unleash the darkness within and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield? Look no further than the Elder Scrolls Online Wraith Nightblade Tank Build.

As a Nightblade, your innate stealth and cunning make you a formidable adversary, but this build takes it a step further by embracing the shadowy aspects of your class to become an impregnable tank. With a focus on damage reduction, enemy debuffs, and ultimate regeneration, you’ll become an unyielding force that can withstand the mightiest of blows while inflicting crippling effects on your foes.

The cornerstone of this build lies in its emphasis on damage reduction. Through a combination of carefully selected gear sets, champion points allocation, and skill choices, you’ll bolster your defenses to astronomical levels. The shadows will become your ally as you evade and shrug off incoming attacks, turning your enemies’ aggression into futile efforts.

But that’s not all. As a Wraith Nightblade, you possess the unique ability to inflict devastating debuffs on your adversaries. With a range of debilitating skills at your disposal, you’ll weaken their attacks, lower their defences, and disrupt their strategies. Your enemies will find themselves helpless and vulnerable before your relentless onslaught.

Ultimate regeneration is another key aspect of this build. Your relentless pursuit of ultimate power fuels your ability to unleash devastating ultimate abilities more frequently. This allows you to control the battlefield with unparalleled force, turning the tide of any encounter in your favor. With each ultimate unleashed, you leave destruction in your wake, solidifying your place as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

So, if you’re seeking a playstyle that combines damage reduction, enemy debuffs, and ultimate regeneration, the Wraith Nightblade Tank build is your path to dominance. Dive into the shadows, harness the power of darkness, and embrace the thrill of becoming an unassailable force on the battlefields of The Elder Scrolls Online. Let the enemies cower before your might!

‘Wraith’ ESO Nightblade Tank Information


The Atronach


64 Health


Tri-Stat Potion
Heroism Potion
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Race: Nord is essential for the additional resistance and Ultimate gain as this fits well with the build. Argonian also works well on a Nightblade for the  Catalyst potion passive.

Mundus: This build requires frequent casting of Magicka abilities so The Atronach provides the best utility.

Stats: You can apply your attributes however you like.

Food: Red Frothgar gives a ton of Magicka Recovery which is great for this build.

Potions: This build uses large amount of Magicka so the Minor Heroism/Magicka potions are really good. But if those are too expensive for you then slot Heroic Slash and use Tri-Stat potions.