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'Elemental Warrior' Sorcerer Tank Build | Elder Scrolls Online | Deadlands


Welcome to the “Elemental Warrior” ESO Sorcerer Tank Build.

This is a Sorcerer build aimed at group content, where you will be able to support your group in all content including Arenas, Dungeons and Main Tanking Trials.

Please be aware that this even though this build works really well for Trials and Veteran content, you might be asked by your raid leader to use a different setup.

The Elemental Warrior is a group utility build that provides some huge buffs and benefits to your group. You will increase your groups DPS with Elemental Catalyst, Yolnahkriin, Encratis’s Behemoth, Minor Brittle, Infused Crusher and more.

This build was created to make Sorcerers work inside any group and provide some great buffs!

Other Information

For this build you can use any race that you want. I’m personally using an Imperial since I like the cost reduction and the extra Max Health and Stamina.




The Atronach


40 Health

24 Stamina


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion

For the Mundus Stone we go with The Atronach for the additional Magicka Recovery. Magicka Recovery is important for this build for maintaining all of the skills required for the buffs it provides.

Our Attributes are set with 64 Health. This is to make sure we always have 40k Health no matter what gear we use if you have to switch from this setup to something else for a Trial situation.

We will be using Bewitched Sugar Skulls for the food so we can get all 3 Max resources.

For potions we use Essence of Health Tri-Stat potions.


So the gear sets we will be using are all focused around boosting our groups damage with a simple strong Tank setup.

For the monster set we are using Encratis’s Behemoth. This will add both a group DPS buff for Magicka Damage Dealers and will increase survival against Fire attacks. If you are in a group with Stamina players you can switch this to Tremorscale to help them reach the penetration cap.

The main Tank set we are going to utilise is the Claw of Yolnahkriin which is my number 1 Tank set in the game. It’s great for you as a Tank, its great for the group, it provides a great group buff with basically no effort and so we have to use this. Yolnahkriin gives your group about a 3% increase to their DPS just by taunting so it’s a must have set. All of the extra stats plus Minor Aegis make this set great for us also.

If you are doing Trials and you are not the Main Tank, then Yolnahkriin could be switched to Powerful Assault or potentially other sets like Drakes Rush, Frozen Watcher or others depending on your groups requirements. So this is a great Off Tank build also, just by switching the Yolnahkriin set to something more beneficial since the Main Tank will always use this.

The next set we are using is Elemental Catalyst. The reason why we are using this is because the Sorcerer Tank is very well equipped to use this set, not only in single target situations but in area of effect with many enemies also.

Elemental Catalyst is a set that applies a debuff onto the enemy, and you have to cause damage with Shock, Fire and Frost. When you do this the enemy gains a Weakness to each element which makes them receive 5% more Critical Damage for each Weakness they have applied to them. Sorcerers are well built already with Shock damage and Frost Damage is easy to access via a Frost Staff. Then we have Flame damage which comes from the Mage Guild skill Scalding Rune, and the Sorcerer is one of the few classes who can utilise all of these elements as an AoE.

Our final piece of gear is the Asylum Ice Staff – the Concentrated Force Frost Staff. Since we are already built up to cause a lot of elemental effects we use this staff because Yolnahkriin only needs to be on 1 bar and ideally the front bar, then we can utilise this weapon to guarantee a Chilled and Minor Brittle proc when we are on our back bar. And the skill needed to use this also procs the elemental weaknesses for Elemental Catalyst so it all fits together really well.

Brittle is great to have because this provides group members with another 10% Critical Damage to enemies who have Minor Brittle applied to them.

We are using a 5 Heavy and 2 Light setup. The only reason for this is because I wanted to front bar Yolnahkriin but also make sure Elemental Catalyst was able to proc at all times from all of our element skill so I use 2 body pieces of EC to accommodate the use of a different back bar weapon set.

The Armor traits are all Sturdy since this is by far the most efficient trait for Tank gear currently. I use full Prismatic enchants with 64 point into Health. If you don’t have the gold for the Hakeijo runes then alternating Stamina/Magicka glyphs should be ok.

For the Jewellery we are using Triune, this is to just maximise all of our stats, and Magicka Recovery on all 3 pieces as its great for our sustain. You could use Infused if you really want to but I prefer Triune.

On the one handed weapon you can use whatever trait and glyph you want really, I’ve gone with Infused/Absorb Stamina, and for the back bar you want to be using an Infused/Crusher for the group buff.

Where to Obtain:

Encratis’s Behemoth –  Veteran Black Drake Villa Dungeon, Urgarlag Chief-bane

Claw of Yolnahkriin – Sunspire Trial or Veteran Sunspire (Perfected Version)

Elemental Catalyst – Stone Garden Dungeon

Asylum Ice Staff – Asylum Sanctorium Trial or Asylum Sanctorium Hardmode (vAS+2 – Perfected)

Other notable sets that you could use:

Powerful Assault – Imperial City Tel Va Merchant, Guild Traders.

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Sorcerer Skills

ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

  • Pierce Armor – Our main Taunt which also debuff the enemy with Major Breach, our main spammable skill since its so cheap to cast.
  • Heroic Slash – We need to recast this every 12 seconds to maintain the Minor Heroism which gives us Ultimate. We also inflict Minor Maim on the enemy reducing the damage they do.
  • Dark Deal – This is a heal, allows us to convert Magicka into Stamina and proc our Magicka group buff Minor Prophecy via the Exploitation passive.
  • Clannfear – Our main healing skill. Provides a great self heal which increases based on Max Health. When it crits we can easily get a 20k+ heal from this.
  • Power Bash – This is needed for proccing the Void Bash set.
  • Ultimate: Barrier – This is slotted purely for the Magicka Aid passive that gives us 10% more Magicka Recovery. Shouldn’t be used, but if you need an emergency Ultimate then you have access to a huge group shield.
  • Frost Clench/Inner Rage – A ranged Magicka taunt for situations where we need to taunt ranged enemies or instigate combat.
  • Scalding Rune – We are using both Elemental Catalyst and Encratis’s Behemoth so we need some kind of reliable AoE Flame Damage and this is our source. This is a Mages Guild skill but it causes 12s of Fire damage which something we really need as a Sorcerer while using these sets.
  • Elemental Blockade – This skill is vital for Tanking generally but in this situation we need it for the AoE Frost Damage for Elemental Catalyst, it procs our Crusher enchant and it also helps to maintain Minor Brittle uptimes.
  • Clannfear – This skill has to be on both bars or the pet will de-summon.
  • Boundless Storm – As a Tank its always good to have some resistances and this is our source of Major Resolve which is almost 6k resistances, but it also causes AoE shock damage which we need for our Elemental Catalyst set.
  • Ultimate: Aggressive Horn – This is our main Ultimate and should be used as often as possible. There is no other Ultimate worth using by a Tank in a group situations so this is what we go with.

Other Skills that could be used:

When doing 4-Man content you could switch skills to offer a little more group support.

  • Silver Leash – Use this skill rather than Heroic Slash to improve your add control.

How to Play / Guide

The main objective of this build is to make use of the Sorcerer shock damage to provide a wide range of group buffs.

Before entering combat make sure your Clannfear pet is summoned. Pre-buff with Boundless Storm for the Shock Damage and Major Resolve along with Dark Deal for the group Minor Prophecy.

When you are in combat you need to Pierce Armor and Heroic Slash the target. This will activate your Yolnahkriin/Minor Courage buff and Minor Maim the enemy along with giving you Minor Heroism for some Ultimate gain.

To proc Elemental Catalyst you need to use Scalding Rune and Frost Blockade on the ground along with Boundless Storm active. It’s easy to maintain EC with Scalding/Blockade/Boundless as these are long duration abilities that are all AoE.

Try to keep Blockade down on cooldown to maintain your Crusher enchant and increase the chances and uptime of your Minor Brittle.

You can safely and easily stay on your Ice Staff for long periods of time as this is almost the equivalent as using a Shield – whenever you have an opportunity you should Frost Clench the target to guarantee a Chilled proc which will cause Minor Brittle. You can get the Chilled while on your front bar but you need to be on the Ice Staff bar to get Minor Brittle.

Use your War Horn on cooldown, try to avoid using Barrier unless you really need it its just on the bar for the passive Magicka Recovery.

You can use your heal anytime and it will always provide a consistent heal, but you should always try to wait until you are at 60% health remaining to maximise the use of it and make sure to not waste resources healing small amounts of health, with 40k Max Health your Clannfear should heal for 15-20k more or less every time.

Champion Points


Duelist’s Rebuff (Slottable)
Enduring Resolve (Slottable)
Unassailable (Slottable)
Ironclad (Slottable)


Bracing Anchor (Slottable)
Ironclad (Slottable)
Sustained by Suffering (Slottable)
Expert Evasion (Slottable)


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