‘Stormbound Sentinel’ ESO Sorcerer Tank Build

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‘Stormbound Sentinel’ ESO Sorcerer Tank Build Introduction

Introducing the ‘Stormbound Sentinel’ ESO Sorcerer Tank Build, where lightning meets unyielding defence.

Harness the raw power of thunderstorms and summon loyal combat pets to forge an indomitable force on the frontlines. Become the guardian of lightning, protecting your allies with electrifying resilience. Embrace the storm and reign supreme as the Stormbound Sentinel!

This build has been renamed to fit better with the current setup due to the changes in meta.  The Stormbound Sentinel is a build that can be used for all content but when going into Veteran Trials you may be required to use alternative gear.

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‘Stormbound Sentinel’ ESO Sorcerer Tank Information




The Atronach


40k+ Health
18k+ Magicka
20k+ Stamina


Tri-Stat Potions
Minor Heroism Potions
Potion Info

Race: Nord generally always works the best for a Tank due to the increased resistances but feel free to use something else.

Mundus: The Atronach providing us with Magicka Recovery is important for this build for maintaining all of the skills required for the buffs it provides.

Stats: Apply your attributes however you like. I split a large portion of mine between Stamina and Magicka because Sorcs have high health when using Pets.

Food: Red Frothgar is a really good food to use for even more Magicka Recovery but feel free to use Bewitched Sugar Skulls if you want to maximise your Harmony Jewellery and reduce the wasted resources it sometimes provides.

Potions: Typically the Tri-Stat potions offer the most value with all three recoveries and resource gains.

Magicka Recovery: It’s important to have over 2500 Magicka Recovery if you want to sustain this build to it’s full potential.

Resistances: Sorc Tanks have access to huge resistances and damage mitigation so you should be over 30k when using this build without really trying.

‘Stormbound Sentinel’ ESO Sorcerer Tank Gear