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ESO Sunspire Trial Guide


Welcome to our ESO Sunspire Trial Guide.

This is a Tank guide and will explain mechanics and information focussing on the role of both the Main Tank and the Off Tank and will also include information on Hardmode.

Sunspire is part of the Elsweyr Chapter DLC and is a Trial located in Northern Elsweyr.

This dungeon has 3 bosses: each with their own hardmodes. In between the bosses are a lot of different add fights and different adds.

For more Tank advice please ask in the Tanking-Help channel on The Tank Club Discord and for Builds for dungeons, check out the Dungeon Tank Build page.

This guide was written by TC Lee13.

Sunspire - Lokkestiiz Range Tanking Guide | Elder Scrolls Online
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Sunspire Maps

Sunspire Adds

  • Sunspire Menders [HP: ,000]
  • Sunspire Archers (small adds) [HP: ,000]
  • Alkosh’s Roar (4 Legged Cats) [HP: ,000]
  • Ruin of Alkosh (One Hand and Shield) [HP: ,000]
  • Fury of Alkosh (Claws)
  • Alkosh’s Fate (Mage)
  • Alkosh’s Will (2 Hander)
  • Jone’s Gale-Claw (Lightning Cat)
  • Jode’s Fire-Fang

Sunspire Add Pulls

Area 1

  • Depending on group, some groups stack on the stairs so you would stand at the bottom of the stairs and some groups like to stand at the bottom in which case you stand on the stairs will the adds pulled and stacked at the bottom.

Add Pull 1 Phase 1

  • 2x Alkosh’s Roar, numerous Sunspire Menders/Archers
  • Main Tank taunts the Alkosh’s Roars and pulls them to the stairs. OT and/or MT chain in all small adds.

Add Pull 1 Phase 2

  • Ruin of Alkosh, Fury of Alkosh, Alkosh’s Fate
  • Main Tank taunts the Ruin that spawns at the bottom of the stairs and the Fury that runs in from the right side and stacks them facing away from the group. The Off Tank taunts the Fate and runs away in the opposite direction the the Fate to make it move and stack at the bottom of the stairs.

Add Pull 1 Phase 3

  • Alkosh’s Will, Jone’s Gale-Claw, Jode’s Fire-Fang
  • Main Tank taunts the Will that spawns at the top of the stairs and then faces the left side to prioritise taunting the Gale-Claw, once that it taunted face right side and taunt the Fire-Fang. At this point the OT will help pulling in these cats by taunting the Fire-Fang or they run ahead to begin the next add pull faster. Make sure the Gale-Claw stays facing away from the group at all times as it does a nasty AoE and DoT that will likely kill the Damage Dealers if they get it. Try to keep both of the cats stacked by taking a step in the opposite direction to them when they jump and force them to jump back onto the other cat and stack. You can step side to side to avoid the AoE/DoT from the Gale-Claw, just make sure not to move the cats anymore than they already move themselves. When the cats jump, make sure you block or you will get knocked back.

Sunspire Bosses

Boss 1 – Lokkestiiz [HP: ]

Boss Information

This is a Dragon boss and will behave in a similar way to other Dragons and Bosses.

Boss Mechanics

  • Light Attacks (Snap) - If you are in melee range of the boss, move it's head quickly and do a snap animation light attack.
  • Range Attack (Frost Bolt) - This is the bosses ranged attack if you are stood too far away and it cannot melee attack you, the boss spits frost bolts at you.
  • Heavy Attacks (Bite) - The boss will swing it's head around and then do a bite attack.
  • Ice AoE (Icy Presence) - This is an AoE that is under the boss, and it's to deter you from standing under the boss, the damage increases every second you remain stood inside of it.
  • Wing Thrash - If you stand too far to the sides of the boss, the boss will hit you with it's wing
  • Frost Bolt - 
  • Dragon Breath - 
  • Ice Tombs - 
  • Fly Phase - 
  • Storm Breath - 
  • Shout - 
  • Beam (Storm Fury) - 


  • Frost Atronach - 
  • Storm Atronach - 


  • Ice Tombs - 
  • Beam - 
  • Flame Atronach - 


Kill it


Kill it