ESO Tank Builds

Welcome to The Tank Club’s ESO Tank Builds!

We have a range of different builds for all Tank classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. These builds will help you in any and all situations in the game whether you’re a beginner, a Tank looking for a good dungeon/trial build or just looking for something that’s fun to play we have you covered!

ESO Beginner Tank Builds

New to ESO or just new to Tanking? With our beginner builds we help all types of beginners get into Tanking. We have builds for both brand new Elder Scrolls Online players, and we have build for players who might be simply looking for a new challenge as a Tank. These builds are relatively easy to play and include easy to obtain gear to get you started.


ESO Dungeon Tank Builds

The Tank Club’s most popular build! Our optimised Dungeon Tank build can be used with every Elder Scrolls Online Class. It’s designed to give you a variety of options to make your build work well for all types of players and groups within the 4-player dungeon environments.


ESO Trial Tank Builds

Trial content is some of the hardest content in The Elder Scrolls Online. We have moved away from updating builds for every ESO trial due to the fact that one build doesn’t fit every situation or group anymore. These generic Main and Off Tank builds should give you an idea of how to get setup and started with Tanking Trials in The Elder Scrolls Online.