ESO Tank Glyphs

Here you will find a list of all glyphs useful for Tank gear along comments on each trait.

All of the numbers listed here are to bonuses provided by using Gold level glyphs.

Gear glyphs for a Tank are one of the few customisable things you have with your build within an organised team or group. Armor glyphs are important for boosting your max stats, Jewellery glyphs are vital for things such as sustain and survival and the Weapon glyphs provide a wide range of benefits to both the user and to the group via debuffs.

Head, Chest, Legs and Shield all class as being “Big” slots of gear. When you apply a glyph to these slots, you get the full value of your glyph. These slots also typically give you more resistances than the “Small” slots of gear.

Shoulder, Waist, Hands and Feet are classes as “Small” slots of gear. When you apply a glyph to these slots, it will always be much smaller value than the same glyph applied to a “Big” slots.

Common glyph setup on the body pieces includes all Tri-Stat. Some like to use 64 Attributes into Health and then Stamina on big slots, Magicka on Small. The application of these glyphs is completely up to you and should be dictates based on what stats you are aiming to achieve. My personal preference is all Tri-Stat.

When it comes to your front bar you will typically use a One Handed Weapon and Shield. The glyphs used on these are mostly up to you, but commonly a Absorb Magicka or Stamina glyph is used on the weapon. If you are using the Encratis’s Behemoth Monster Set then using a Flame Glyph is advised for Non-Dragonknight classes.

For back bar weapons for 99% of content you will need to use a Staff, usually an Ice Staff with Infused/Crusher. If you are in charge of maintaining Minor Brittle then you would likely need to use a Frost Glyph. If you are using Elemental Catalyst then you may be required to use a Shock Glyph

Jewellery is always another optional slot where you can use whatever benefits you the most, but this is typically some form of sustain either by recovery or cost/time reductions. The most common Glyphs here are Magicka Recovery, Bracing and Potion Cooldown.

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Multi-Effect Enchantment: Adds up to 434 Maximum Magicka & Stamina. Adds up to 477 Maximum Health.
Repora – Hakeijo – Kuta
Also known as a Tri-Stat/Prismatic Defense Glyph. Since you use all 3 resources as a Tank it is important to have as much of all 3 max stats as possible. The objective is to reach the highest possible amount of Magicka, Stamina and Health but having the resources balanced well enough that have a sustainable amount of Health for surviving taking damage, Stamina for blocking/roll dodge/abilities and Magicka for spells/healing.

If using these glyphs, ideally you would try to place them on the Head/Chest/Legs/Shield, even possibly all slots if you can afford to do so.

Health/Stamina/Magicka: Adds up to 868 Maximum Magicka/Stamina. Adds up to 954 Maximum Health.
Repora – Oko(Health) Makko (Magicka) Deni (Stamina) – Kuta
If you can’t afford the Tri-Stat glyphs these are a more cost effective way to boost your stats but you will not get as much balance between your 3 resources. These are especially used on the Hands, Waist, Feet and Shoulder since they give the lowest amount of resources from glyphs so are not a priority.

There is some content where you need to focus your stats into 1 area, such as vKA for example you need more Health as Main Tank so you might put Health glyphs on your gear as that’s the priority. Sometimes you might need to use these depending on your race also. If you choose a race with Max Magicka as one of the passives then you might need to use Stamina glyphs to make sure your Stamina is higher than your Magicka so you can gain back Stamina resources for blocking from Orbs.

Crusher: Reduces the target’s Physical and Spell Resistance by 1622 for 5 seconds.
Itade – Deteri – Kuta
This is an essential Tanking glyph. In 95% of PvE content you will always need to use this on a 2 Handed Weapon such as a Staff or Bow and it must be Infused. When used on an Infused/Staff or Bow Reduces the target’s Resistances by 2108. The reason a Tank uses this is because the Tank is always the person with aggro of Bosses and priority targets so you are the one with the easiest access to apply this debuff. When using a Crusher glyph you reduce the targets resistances, this enables your damage dealers to do more damage to the enemy.

The reason we use this on a 2 Handed Weapon is because on a 1 Handed Weapon it only get half the value (1054) meaning your group will do less damage. Using a 2 handed weapons also means we can maintain this debuff on a target very easily with Elemental Blockade or Endless Hail, for the whole duration the target stands inside these area abilities, the crusher will auto activate on cooldown until the abilities ends. Crusher can only be applied to 1 target, this is either the target at the front of your Blockade or the target stood in the very middle on the Hail. The only time you wouldn’t use Crusher is if you are maintaining Elemental Catalyst or Minor Brittle.

Shock: Deals 2534 Shock Damage.
Repora – Meip – Kuta
This is only really needed if you are using the Elemental Catalyst set and don’t have access to any other source of Shock Damage. In this situation you need to apply this to the back bar Infused Staff so you can maintain a maximum uptime. Someone else in your group would need to be using a Infused/Crusher.

Frost: Deals 2534 Frost Damage.
Repora – Dekeipa – Kuta
This is used for proccing Minor Brittle along with an Infused Ice Staff. This is mostly beneficial during add pulls with Pulsar spamming or on the back bar along with Elemental Blockade.

Flame: Deals 2534 Flame Damage.
Repora – Rakeipa – Kuta
If you are using Encratis’s Behemoth monster set and you are not on a Dragonknight Tank then using a Flame enchant on your front bar Infused weapon is a very good option to proc it easily.

Poison: Deals 2534 Poison Damage.
Repora – ? – Kuta
Combine this with a Charged 1 Handed weapon on a Dragonknight Tank for great sustain thanks to the Combustion passive.

Absorb Health: Deals 2109 Magic Damage and restores 981 Health.
Itade – Oko – Kuta
We would use this on a 1 Handed weapon meaning we only get half of the damage and health but if you need additional healing in high damage situation this will add extra healing on top of your current incoming health regen and heals. It’s not a priority glyph to use but could be helpful in solo Tanking situations.

Absorb Magicka/Stamina: Deals 2109 Magic/Physical Damage and restores 354 Magicka/Stamina.
Itade – Makko(Magicka) Deni (Stamina) – Kuta
Deals 1054 Damage and restores 177 Stamina/Magicka on a 1H Weapon. If you are struggling for resources then you could use this to generate a small amount of Stamina/Magicka to improve your sustain. This can be especially helpful when you are trying to sustain buffs such as Stone Giant/Stagger.

Prismatic Onslaught: Deals 1900 Magic Damage and restores 438 Health and 177 Magicka and Stamina.
Repora – Hakeijo – Kuta
This is a glyph that was updated with the Waking Flame patch and is now a Tri-Recovery weapon glyph.

Weakening: Reduce target Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 348 for 5 seconds.
Itade – Okori – Kuta
We use this on a 1H Weapon so we only get half of the amount. If you are facing a very hard hitting target such as vKA Last Boss Hardmode then you might use this with an Infused 1 Hander to reduce the incoming damage slightly. If debuff enemies and reduces their damage but it is a very small amount so not worth using in all situation, only really hard hitting bosses.

Hardening: Grants a 3290 point Damage Shield for 5 seconds.
Repora – Deteri – Kuta
Again its half the amount on a 1 Handed Weapon but we would use it with an Infused Weapon to increase it a bit. It’s a very small Damage Shield but some Classes don’t have access to Class based damage shield so this could add a little more survival on some Classes.

Health/Magicka/Stamina Recovery: Adds 169 Health/Magicka/Stamina Recovery.
Repora – Okoma(Health) Makkoma(Magicka) Denima(Stamina) – Kuta
Health recovery not really very useful since you would get a better return on health from Magicka recovery and healing. Stamina recovery is useless for almost everything because you cannot regen Stamina while Blocking. If you are the Main Tank on vSS Lokkestiiz Fight and you are range Tanking at the back of the room then you would use some Stamina recovery as you don’t need to block.

Magicka recovery is one of the best Jewellery glyphs to use as almost all of your important spells and healing is Magicka costing. Some classes can even use Magicka spells that will convert to Stamina such as DK Helping Hands passive from Igneous Shield and Dark Deal from Sorcerers.

Reduce Spell/Feat Cost: Reduce Magicka/Stamina cost of spells/abilities by 203.
Itade – Makkoma(Spell) Denima(Feat) – Kuta
This can be nice to help with the sustain of Stamina abilities such as Stone Giant and since Stamina recovery is useless then you could use cost reduction for better Stamina sustain of abilities. Reduce Magicka cost is not greatly important – when you spam cast a spell the reduce cost is better than regen but we don’t very often spam spells to make this worth it, Magicka would be more beneficial.

Bracing: Reduces the cost of Block by 203.
Itade – Kaderi – Kuta
Reduces the cost of block is more useful the more you block, but if you are using Sturdy gear then these can become less effective very quickly, also known as diminishing returns. Using more than 1 does reduce the block cost more but has less effect the more of these you use, with the way the cost of your blocking is calculated the Bracing enchants are not essential especially more than 1 of them.

Alchemical Acceleration: Reduce the cooldown of potions below this item’s level by 5 seconds.
Itade – Oru – Kuta
Using this with Infused jewellery means you can use potions much quicker. When you are on a hard sustaining class using these with Infused jewellery means you can reuse potions much quicker. The usual potion cooldown is 45 seconds but with using 3 of these glyphs with Infused Jewellery means you can use a potion every 21 seconds which is expensive but also very good for some classes such as the Nightblade which has the Catalyst passive: Gain 20 Ultimate when you drink a potion.

Alchemical Boost: Increases the durations of potions effects by 3.6 seconds.
Repora – Oru – Kuta
These are similar to potion cooldown but rather increase the duration of the actual potions effects. If you combine these with Infused jewellery they can be really useful situationally. One of the best options is combining this Jewellery setup with Immovable potions to increase the immovable effect.

Reduce Skill Cost: Reduce Health, Magicka, and Stamina cost of abilities by 133.
Itade – Indeko – Kuta
New glyph for Greymoor. Should be used on Infused jewellery if used. Will reduce the cost of almost everything you do including reducing the Health cost of Balance/Altar, Stamina cost of Puncture/Heroic Slash/Roll Dodge and Magicka Cost of Spells/Healing. In content where you are very active and casting a lot of abilities these could be quite strong.

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