ESO Tank Glyphs

Here you will find a list of all glyphs useful for Tank gear along comments on each trait.

All of the numbers listed here are to bonuses provided by using Gold level glyphs.

Gear glyphs for a Tank are one of the few customisable things you have with your build within an organised team or group. Armor glyphs are important for boosting your max stats, Jewellery glyphs are vital for things such as sustain and survival and the Weapon glyphs provide a wide range of benefits to both the user and to the group via debuffs.

Head, Chest, Legs and Shield all class as being “Big” slots of gear. When you apply a glyph to these slots, you get the full value of your glyph. These slots also typically give you more resistances than the “Small” slots of gear.

Shoulder, Waist, Hands and Feet are classes as “Small” slots of gear. When you apply a glyph to these slots, it will always be much smaller value than the same glyph applied to a “Big” slots.

Common glyph setup on the body pieces includes all Tri-Stat. Some like to use 64 Attributes into Health and then Stamina on big slots, Magicka on Small. The application of these glyphs is completely up to you and should be dictates based on what stats you are aiming to achieve. My personal preference is all Tri-Stat.

When it comes to your front bar you will typically use a One Handed Weapon and Shield. The glyphs used on these are mostly up to you, but commonly a Absorb Magicka or Stamina glyph is used on the weapon. If you are using the Encratis’s Behemoth Monster Set then using a Flame Glyph is advised for Non-Dragonknight classes.

For back bar weapons for 99% of content you will need to use a Staff, usually an Ice Staff with Infused/Crusher. If you are in charge of maintaining Minor Brittle then you would likely need to use a Frost Glyph. If you are using Elemental Catalyst then you may be required to use a Shock Glyph

Jewellery is always another optional slot where you can use whatever benefits you the most, but this is typically some form of sustain either by recovery or cost/time reductions. The most common Glyphs here are Magicka Recovery, Bracing and Potion Cooldown.

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Multi-Effect Enchantment: Adds up to 434 Maximum Magicka & Stamina. Adds up to 477 Maximum Health.
Repora – Hakeijo – Kuta
Also known as a Tri-Stat/Prismatic Defense Glyph. Since you use all 3 resources as a Tank it is important to have as much of all 3 max stats as possible. The objective is to reach the highest possible amount of Magicka, Stamina and Health but having the resources balanced well enough that have a sustainable amount of Health for surviving taking damage, Stamina for blocking/roll dodge/abilities and Magicka for spells/healing.

If using these glyphs, ideally you would try to place them on the Head/Chest/Legs/Shield, even possibly all slots if you can afford to do so.

Health/Stamina/Magicka: Adds up to 868 Maximum Magicka/Stamina. Adds up to 954 Maximum Health.
Repora – Oko(Health) Makko (Magicka) Deni (Stamina) – Kuta
If you can’t afford the Tri-Stat glyphs these are a more cost effective way to boost your stats but you will not get as much balance between your 3 resources. These are especially used on the Hands, Waist, Feet and Shoulder since they give the lowest amount of resources from glyphs so are not a priority.

There is some content where you need to focus your stats into 1 area, such as vKA for example you need more Health as Main Tank so you might put Health glyphs on your gear as that’s the priority. Sometimes you might need to use these depending on your race also. If you choose a race with Max Magicka as one of the passives then you might need to use Stamina glyphs to make sure your Stamina is higher than your Magicka so you can gain back Stamina resources for blocking from Orbs.

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