ESO Tank Jewellery Traits and Enchants

In this article we are looking at the jewellery used by a Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online along with the best traits and enchants to use.

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ESO Tank Jewellery – Traits

When it comes to Tank Jewellery Traits there are a few decent options but Harmony and Infused are the two best options.

Harmony is the overall best jewellery trait but this is highly dependant on whether you have enough synergies provided often enough to use to gain the resources and you also need to have enough max stats to gain those resources without losing or wasting any by using synergies while you’re resources are full. For Trials you should virtually always have enough synergies but in dungeons, especially pick up or random groups,

Infused is the much better option when you don’t have any synergies. You’ll get less resources than you do from Harmony but it’s the safer options for unorganised groups where they might not provide any synergies.

Trait Value Comments
Harmony Activating a synergy restores 880 Health, Magicka and Stamina. This is the best jewellery trait for Tanks in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you only have one synergy every 20s and it’s an orb synergy then it out-performs all other jewellery traits. You can wear 3 pieces of Harmony making this increase to 2640 resources gain which is a huge amount and the more synergies you have, the better it becomes. This is definitely more useful in Trials where you have more synergy providers and if your max stats are low it can become a bit of a waste but the resource gain potential is huge and well worth considering. It is also really good for new players as it essentially allows for a much higher potential to block for longer without needing to heavy attack.
Increases Maximum Health by 965 Increases Maximum Stamina/Magicka by 877. These are the standard traits that jewellery will drop in, sometimes it can be useful to have these traits. Robust is good for balancing your Stamina higher than Magicka if needed with some Races, also for Off Tanks or Tank/DD Hybrids looking to push extra damage or maintain Stamina heavy abilities such as Stone Giant. These are generally not the most worthwhile traits to use on Jewellery.
Infused Increases jewellery enchantment effectiveness by 60%. This is one of the best traits for Tanking and for sustain as a Tank. This can be used with a range of glyphs to give you some real nice boosts such as Infused Magicka Recovery, Bracing, Alchemical Acceleration, Reduce Stamina Cost, Prismatic Cost Reduction and more. These glyphs will be 60% stronger and can be utilised well in a lot of situations. The boost in any kind of sustain benefit is just too good to turn down as a Tank. This is better than Harmony when you have a lack of synergies.
Triune Increases Maximum Magicka/Stamina by 439, and Health by 482. This is a decent trait for Tank jewellery. You won’t benefit from the improved sustain by using this, but you will be stacked incredibly well on max stats. It’s not something that you’ll always need, more often than not you benefit from the sustain benefit of Harmony or Infused, but if you know you need bigger stat pools, maybe you want 45-50k Max Health and 25-30k Max Stamina for some reason then this is how you would do it and you’re much better off using this trait rather than one single stat Jewellery.
Protective Increases Spell Resistance and Physical Resistance by 1190. This is basically a Tank designed trait but it’s not really worth using for most situations. We are able to reach the Resistance cap of 33000 without the need for this so it can be seen as of a bit of a waste especially when you have to spend transmute crystals to get this trait, as none of the usual Tank gear comes with this trait already. Even if you are under the 33000 Resistance Cap it’s not usually worth using this. You can obtain more resistances in a lot of other ways, such as Reinforced Gear, becoming a Nord or a Defending One Hander and you shouldn’t harm your sustain for the sake of using this. See: Resistance
Swift Increases movement speed by 7%. A great trait for Tanks, and almost essential for any trials with add pulls. It allows you to run into adds, pull and stack them quicker. It’s also very useful for keeping up with your group and staying ahead, especially when you are pushing for speed runs in Trials and Dungeons. Some trials really benefit from you having this trait like the Off Tank in vAS+, it is much easier to stack the Mini Bosses efficiently when you use some Swift. You can use the Ring of the Wild Hunt also but if using another mythic item, then you can gain speed from using this instead.
Unused Traits Bloodthirsty – A Damage Dealer trait, could use this in a Hybrid Tank build but otherwise not a Tank trait.

ESO Tank Jewellery – Enchants

Enchants for your Tank Jewellery are more difficult to choose compared to the traits. You have a lot more things to consider and different situation may require different enchants. The two best options in terms of sustain as a Tank are Magicka Recovery and Prismatic Cost Reduction. Recovery will always perform better than Cost Reduction for the majority of players but if you are a high tier player who casts every second and you’re using a combination of Stamina and Magicka skills and you can gain Magicka Recovery from other sources then the cost reduction becomes very valuable.

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Trait Value Comments
Health, Magicka, Stamina Recovery Adds 169 Health/ Magicka/ Stamina Recovery. Repora – Okoma(Health) Makkoma(Magicka) Denima(Stamina) – Kuta
Health recovery is not really very useful since you would get a better return of health from Magicka recovery and healing. Stamina recovery is mostly useless for a Tank because you cannot regen Stamina while Blocking, but it becomes much more useful when you block less or when Off Tanking.
Magicka recovery is one of the best Jewellery glyphs to use as almost all of your important skills, healing and support is Magicka costing. Some classes can even use Magicka spells that will convert to Stamina such as DK Helping Hands passive. Magicka Recovery out-performs cost reduction and is typically the best enchant in the game for a Tank.
Reduce Spell/Feat Cost Reduce Magicka/Stamina cost of spells/abilities by 203. Itade – Makkoma(Spell) Denima(Feat) – Kuta
This can be a good way to help with the sustain of Stamina abilities such as Stone Giant and since Stamina recovery is not that useful, you could use cost reduction for better Stamina sustain of abilities.
Reduce Magicka cost generally underperforms in comparison to Magicka Recovery. You have to cast a lot to make it worthwhile and the difficulty is trying to balance things so you have enough Recovery to make Cost Reduction work.
Bracing Reduces the cost of Block by 203 Reduces the cost of block which is obviously more useful the more you block. If you are using Sturdy gear then these can become less effective very quickly, also known as diminishing returns. Using more than 1 does reduce the block cost more but has less effect the more of these you use, with the way the cost of your blocking is calculated the Bracing enchants are not essential especially more than 1 of them. You could almost replace all Sturdy gear for 1 Infused/Bracing enchant and then use a different trait.
Prismatic Cost Reduction Reduce Health, Magicka, and Stamina cost of abilities by 133 Itade – Indeko – Kuta
This enchant will reduce the cost of almost everything you do including reducing the Health cost of Balance/Altar, Stamina cost of Puncture/Heroic Slash and Magicka Cost of Spells/Healing. You have to have a very high APM for these to be worth using. It’s virtually never worth using this enchant unless you have to maintain a skill like Stone Giant or you are using a Stamina skill to maintain Powerful Assault in a trial group because there are so few Stamina skills that need to be used by a Tank. You also need to stack your Magicka Recovery in additional ways (Food, Divines Gear etc) and a standard Tank would need to have over 2000 Magicka Recovery in addition to this Cost Reduction to be able to sustain uptimes, if you don’t have enough recovery you simply wont have the sustain to benefit from using reduce cost. If you use skills constantly and you are able to make up your Magicka Recovery these are incredibly strong for sustain but usually not as good for beginners.
Alchemical Acceleration Reduce the cooldown of potions below this item’s level by 5 seconds. Itade – Oru – Kuta
Using this with Infused jewellery means you can use potions much quicker. When you are on a hard sustaining class using these with Infused jewellery means you can reuse potions much quicker. The usual potion cooldown is 45 seconds but with using 3 of these glyphs with Infused Jewellery means you can use a potion every 21 seconds which is expensive but also very good for some classes such as the Nightblade which has the Catalyst passive giving them 20 Ultimate when drinking a potion, and Argonians gain additional resources when using a potion from their Resourceful passive.
Alchemical Boost Increases the durations of potions effects by 3.6 seconds. Repora – Oru – Kuta
These are similar to potion cooldown but they increase the duration of the actual potion’s effects. If you combine these with Infused jewellery, they can be really useful situationally. One of the best options is combining this Jewellery setup with Immovable potions to increase the immovable effect.