ESO Tank Sets

As a Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online you will generally be required to gather a range of different gear sets.

The most important and useful sets are those that provide some benefits to a group.

Here you will find a list of all of the most common, useful and required gear that you will need for all sorts of content when Tanking in ESO.

The sets are categorised in a certain way:

  • Most Used Sets are the Tank sets you would need for optimised group content.
  • Must Have Sets are the Tank sets that are good but might not always be needed.
  • Optional Sets are sometimes vital sets but they are only useful or optional depending on situations.
  • Other Set are common Tank sets that serve no value in group content but might be useful to you depending on your experience.

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Most Used Sets

Useful To Have Sets

Optional Sets

Other Sets

Aegis of Galenwe

Akaviri Dragonguard

Armor of the Seducer

Battalion Defender

Brands of Imperium

Crest of Cyrodiil

Fortified Brass

Grave Guardian

Frozen Watcher

Hist Bark

Hircine’s Veneer

Jorvuld’s Guidance

Leeching Plate

Plague Doctor

Stone-Talker’s Oath