ESO Tank Sets

As a Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online you will generally be required to gather a range of different gear sets.

The most important and useful sets are those that provide some benefits to a group. The faster enemies die, the less you have to tank!

Here you will find a list of all of the most common, useful and required gear that you will need for all sorts of content when Tanking in ESO.

Tank sets are categorised in a certain way:

  • Essential Sets are the Tank sets you need for optimised group content.
  • Useful Sets are the Tank sets that can be used for Dungeons or will be needed for specific Trial situations.
  • Niche Sets are Tank sets that are good and offer group benefits but might rarely be used or requested.
  • Other Set are common Tank sets that serve no value in group content but might be useful to you depending on your experience.

Initially you should focus your attention on the Essential Sets, but it’s a good idea to have as many of the Useful Sets if you want to get into trials, as groups and specific strategies may require it.

Other Sets Information

  • Akaviri Dragonguard is a decent set for beginner Tanks but not something you would keep using. You could just as easily use a crafted set and for a set that benefits Ultimate, Drakes Rush would be a much better option.
  • Armor of the Seducer is a great crafted beginner Tank set but should only be used for absolute beginner Tanks.
  • Armor of the Trainee is worth collecting and having it available, when using some mythic items you have a “spare” gear slot and this is the best value one piece item you can use on the body, it also drops in all three weights so you can maximise your resistances also.
  • Battalion Defender is an auto healing set which some people also like to use for it’s group heal. Generally it’s not something you would use as you should rely on your healer or skills for healing rather than a full 5 piece set, but this get does have a high healing potential.
  • Brands of Imperium is group shielding set, but it only effects 6 people and is hard to control when it procs so generally not that useful. You can find our review here: Imperium Set Review.
  • Crest of Cyrodiil is a decent beginner Tank set for a Trials Main Tank although it’s quite expensive nowadays.
  • Fortified Brass is a really solid crafted set. You get a ton of resistances so it can be good for new players who lack Champion Points to assist with reducing damage from enemies.
  • Grave Guardian isn’t a top set because providing group resistances can be obtain by a number of simple skills already, but in progression teams dealing with super high incoming damage it could be a safety set that you use to protect the group more but not worth intentionally farming and using it full time.
  • Plague Doctor another commonly used set but if you insist on using something like this then you should at least use the “group version” of this set which is Ebon Armory. Neither of those sets are great but Ebon still gives you the health boost but at least gives some kind of group buff.
  • Tormentor is an essential set if you decide to play a Werewolf Tan