ESO Werewolf Tank Build

Updated: Walking Flame (September 2021)


Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Werewolf Tank Build.

This is a fun/casual build you can use for Tanking as a Werewolf.

The Werewolf Tank is a lot of fun to play but has a very limited playstyle. You can provide a decent range of group support and it’s possible to Tank most things as a Werewolf.

If you are doing any serious level of content or progression it would be best not to use a Werewolf as it’s not possible to give your group the proper support they need while in Werewolf form.






The Atronach


64 Health


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion More Info


HeadGrundwulf / VykosaMediumSturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoulderGrundwulf / VykosaLightSturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
HandsTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
WaistTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
LegsTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
FeetTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
NecklaceCrimson Oath’s Rive / Rush of AgonyJewelleryInfusedMagicka Recovery
RingCrimson Oath’s Rive / Rush of AgonyJewelleryInfusedMagicka Recovery
RingCrimson Oath’s Rive / Rush of AgonyJewelleryInfusedMagicka Recovery
Main HandCrimson Oath’s Rive / Rush of AgonyIce StaffInfusedCrusher
  • Crimson Oath’s Rive is needed for bosses as Crusher and Minor Breach uptimes can be hard to maintain.
  • Rush of Agony is needed in add pulls. When you combine Leap, Tormentor and Rush of Agony you will taunt and chain all enemies in an area.
  • Monster set is hard to optimise since things like Tremorscale cannot proc in Werewolf form so you just go someone selfish for sustain like Grundwulf or go for enemy damage reduction with Vykosa.


Werewolf Tank

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Pack Leader: This is the more Tank morph. You take 10% less damage and also provide your group with Minor Courage which is the same buff as Yolnahkriin.

Brutal Pounce: When combined with Tormentor it works as an Area of Effect Taunt. When you leap into a pack of enemies, it will taunt all of them. If you were doing a Trial, you might have the Main Tank with this morph and the Off Tank should use Brutal Pounce for single target taunting so you are not fighting over aggro of enemies. If you don’t want to AoE taunt and you need to single target taunt when you’ll need to use the Feral Pounce morph instead.

Deafening Roar: This is your enemy debuff. You apply Major Breach, Minor Maim and Off Balance to the enemy. If it is a none Elite or Boss then you will also Fear up to 6 enemies for 4 seconds so this is used for crowd control where needed.

Howl of DespairThis provides your group with a Synergy and also applies Empower to them for 5 seconds which increases damage done with Light/Heavy attacks by 40%.

Hircine’s Fortitude: This is your main heal as a Werewolf. It scales with your Max Health and it’s a huge heal. You can also use this when at full Health as a method for Stamina sustain and you can cast it and receive 3k Stamina back.

Claws of Life: This is a damage and damage over time skill which returns 100% of the damage done as a Heal. This is an AoE skill so if you have multiple enemies in front of you it works even better. You should keep this active as much as possible as a source of healing over time so you don’t waste resources casting Hircine’s Rage when you don’t need a big burst Heal.

Passives: All the passives are pretty important other than Bloodmoon if you don’t want to have the option to turn others into Werewolves.

Werewolf Tank Clips

Werewolf Veteran Aetherian Archive | Elder Scrolls Online



Any class will work for Werewolf Tanking but the most useful ones would be Templar and Sorcerer due to their reduce cost passives.

You just need to look at all Class passives that you gain from using a Class and decide which ones you’ll fine most useful as you’ll keep these in Werewolf form. If a passive requires you to have a class skill slotted for the passive then this is not one that will be active in Werewolf form. Most useful class passives for Werewolf would be any Resistance or Reduce Cost passives.


Pretty much any race is playable here. The common races are Nord for Resistances and Argonian or Imperial for sustaining, Orc for more Stamina, Health and Speed.


The best Mundus Stone to use here is: The Atronach for the extra Magicka Recovery for the self healing and sustain.


64 Health is the most useful since your only Heal scales based on Max Health.


As standard we use the Bewitched Sugar Skulls which gives us Max Health, Magicka and Stamina plus more Health Recovery.


You can use regular Tri-Stat potions here.