ESO Tank Monster Sets – Grundwulf

Set bonus

1 item: Adds 657 Critical Chance.

2 items: Whenever you deal critical damage, restore 700 Magicka or Stamina, whichever maximum is higher. You also gain 350 of the other resource. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds.

Set Rating:
3 out of 5.

Where to obtain:
Moongrave Fane, Urgarlag Chief-bane.

A decent sustain set for a Tank as you can gain both Magicka and Stamina every 5 seconds fairly reliably. It returns the resources based off Critical damage which is not a problem when you use Blockade and you are rotating through Pierce Armor and Heroic Slash. It’s a constant tick of incoming resources so it is much better than Stonekeeper which has a long cooldown and requires you to build up to a burst of resources. Comparably to Engine Guardian, both are very good, Engine Guardian is probably better as you will have more overall resource gain, but you can also avoid receiving any Stamina for long periods of time if unlucky but with this set you will always gain Stamina with every proc.

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