Absolute Lad


Sup, I’m Neo. Long-time MMO enthusiast, lover of coffee, and bit of a science nerd too. Studying Neuropsychology at University, mainly because the course name sounded beast and is a potential flex. Truthfully though, I want to become a Doctor in Neuropsychology – ultimately helping people recover from life changing events like strokes, brain trauma, dementia etc. Outside of gaming / studying you can usually find me binge watching boxsets for the 100th time, walking the dog, or going with my wife-to-be to find tasty food somewhere (it’s an expensive problem). Inside the Tank Club you can find me as the Mod / Admin / Dex-quoter / Gif-influencer that keeps #screenshots clean of SuperRyans daily

discussions. I have played ESO since its early release on PC, but I migrated over to Xbox upon release. I met Lee back in 2015 when I ran a Guild called British Mercenaries – but we didn’t start properly talking until Lee started his own prodigy of Tamriel Circle. I played for a few top teams during my time, so I used to pop in to Lees runs to teach them the best strats, and ultimately help clear content for the first time. I still think fondly that my once Padawan Lee, has now blossomed into the Jedi Master he is today :PepeCringe: I migrated over to PC in December 2019, and boy oh boy.. these addons. Don’t think I’ll ever return to console – probably get shattered by every Savage smash in vMOL if I ever have to do it without Raid Notifier again!

Feel free to pop in to my DMs, chat to me in the Tank Club discord, or say hi in my rare streams. Peace.