Neverwinter Paladin Tank Build

Neverwinter Paladin Introduction

If you’re looking for a reliable Tank build in Neverwinter, a Paladin could be an excellent choice.

Paladins are known for their strong defensive capabilities and ability to protect their allies in battle. They also possess some strong healing abilities, making them a versatile and valuable addition to any group. In addition, Paladins have a unique set of abilities that allow them to deal damage while also mitigating incoming attacks, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Whether you’re new to Neverwinter or a seasoned player, a Paladin Tank build can provide a solid foundation for your adventuring party.

Neverwinter Paladin Race

There are many good options for a Paladin Tank. Drow is a good option as it provides a group buff by reducing enemies defence but selecting another option is generally ok.

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Halfling
  • Tiefling
  • Drow
  • Dragonborn
  • Aasimar

Neverwinter Paladin Ability Scores

Ability Points should be put into:

  • Constitution to increase max Health and Stamina.
  • Strength if you need Stamina Regen.
  • Charisma in place of STR if you want to improve recharge speed and can afford to lose the Stam Regen.

Neverwinter Paladin Stats

When playing as a Tank you’ll want to focus your Main Stats into:

  • Defense
  • Awareness
  • Critical Avoidance

Other useful benefits include:

  • Stamina Regeneration
  • Maximum Hit Points
  • Incoming Healing
  • Action Point Gain
  • Movement Speed

You want to have the same rating for these as the value of your Total Item Level to cap out the benefits. So for example if you have a 50,000 Item Level, you also want to have 50,000 Defense Rating. As you increase your Total Item Level you’ll also need to find ways to increase your Stats. Some of these things will be buffed or increased when you are part of a group but this can only be reliable if you are part of an organised team.

Things that are not listed on your Stats sheet are resistances and damage reduction. These are just as important and you want a big focus on those by using Boons, Companions and Mount bonuses that offer resistances to enemies types or damage reduction.

Neverwinter Paladin Enchantments

Offense – Garnet Enchantment increases power

Defense – Jade Enchantment to max out Critical Avoidance

Utility – Cobalt Enchantment increased incoming healing

Overload 1 – Unholy Protection

Overload 2 – Resiliency of the Depths

Combat – Fortified Nature damage over time reduction

Bonus – Movement Bonus increased movement speed

Neverwinter Paladin Artifacts

Primary Artifact – Lantern of Revelation – Group utility increases damage enemies receive

Passive Artifact 1 – Assassin’s Dice – Completes the Assassin’s Luck set which we’re using on the gear

Passive Artifact 2 – Gond’s Anvil of Creation – Increases Critical Avoidance and Stamina Regen

Passive Artifact 3 – Illusionist’s Mask – Accuracy, Deflection and Stamina Regen

When joining organised groups you may also be asked for Black Dragon’s Mark

Neverwinter Paladin Powers


  • Oath Strike – AoE Damage and Threat – Hold it down and Block weave it to gain AP
  • Shielding Strike – Stamina restoration, use it when low or struggling for Stamina


  • Vow of Enmity – Single target application but generates AoE threat, good way to initiate combat.
  • Templar’s Wrath – AoE damage and great threat generation.
  • Absolution – Reduces your incoming damage.
  • Other: Replace Vow for Burning Light for Stun if its needed. Binding Oath for Stamina Restoration if you can’t sustain block.


  • Divine Judgement – Helps to maintain threat on bosses.
  • Divine Protector – Combine with Shield of the Gods feat and alternate with Absolution for great self survival.
  • Shield of Faith – Additional group survival if you don’t need Divine Protector.


  • Block – Try not to perma-block, only block hits then drop block to regen Stamina
  • Divine Champion – Combine with Unyielding Champion Feat and when you block while using this it activates your Divine Palisade mechanic which decreases damage taken and heals you and your group if they are behind you.

Class Feature

  • Composure – Faster divinity regen
  • Aura of Wrath – Group damage buff