Ward and Protection Gear Perks

In this article we’ll be taking a look at the Ward and Protection you need in New World as a Tank.

When playing as a Tank in New World it’s beneficial to utilise potions, shields and amulets that have specific perks depending on which Expedition you’re doing or even which boss you are fighting.

When doing expeditions you should be using Ward Potions which varies within each Expedition.

Depending on which boss you are fighting you might also benefit from a Protection perk which is a perk you can use on both your Shield and your Amulet. This will reduce the bosses main damage abilities so it can be extremely helpful to assist with your survival in boss fights.

Depending on which mutation you are doing you’ll also need to potentially use a specific set of Gems or Protection perks to reduce the mutation damage.

For example, if you were doing a Tempest Heart Expedition with a Void Mutation, you would require Corrupted Ward Potions, you would need Amethyst Gems to mitigate the Void Mutation Damage, you could also use a Void Protection Amulet perk to reduce it further. You’d also need Strike/Slash Protection for the boss fights, which you could use an Amulet Protection, a Shield Ward or both.

Below you’ll find a list of which Expedition requires each specific Ward potion type and the main damage sources of the bosses in those Expeditions so you can utilise your Protection perks also. We’ve also listed information on which gems are most useful for each Mutated Expedition and Raid.

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Ward Potions

In New World, to effectively reduce enemy damage in Expeditions and Raid you’ll need to use Ward Potions to match the specific challenges of different content is crucial.

Certain Expeditions may involve a consistent enemy type throughout, allowing you to utilize a single Ward Potion. However, the more recent content features a variety of enemy types, necessitating mid-content potion usage for optimal performance.

Angry Earth

Genesis Expedition

Barnacles & Black Powder (Last Boss) Expedition


Ennead (1st & Last Boss)

Lazarus Instrumentality

Starstone Barrow


Sandwurm Raid

Savage Divide


Dynasty Shipyard Expedition

Ennead (After 1st & before Last Boss) Expedition

Tempest Heart Expedition

The Depths Expedition


Empyrean Forge Expedition

The Hatchery Raid


Amarine Excavation Expedition

Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition

Starstone Barrows Expedition

Protection Perks

When facing bosses in Raids and Expeditions, incorporating Protection perks can significantly reduce incoming damage based on the boss’s damage type. To effectively counter each boss’s attacks, it’s essential to equip specific Protection perks on your Amulet. To optimize your strategy, it’s advisable to collect multiple Amulets with different Protection perks, allowing you to switch them according to the boss you’re up against.

In addition to using Protection perks on your Amulet, you can also employ Shield Wards, which are Protection perks used on your Shield. For instance, if you need Slash Protection, you’d use Slash Protection on your Amulet, and Slash Shield Protection on your Shield. In more challenging boss encounters, you might choose to stack both the Amulet and Shield Wards for added protection. However, in most cases, using just an Amulet with the appropriate Protection perk will suffice.

By equipping the right Protection perks on your Amulet and Shield, you’ll be better equipped to withstand the varying damage types of different New World bosses, enhancing your chances of success in Raids and Expeditions.

Amulets can have Flame Protection, Frozen Protection, Nature Protection, Void Protection, Thrust Protection, Slash Protection, Arcane Protection, Lightning Protection and Strike Protection.

Shields can have Flame Shield Ward, Frozen Shield Ward, Nature Shield Ward, Void Shield Ward, Thrust Shield Ward, Slash Shield Ward, Arcane Shield Ward, Lightning Shield Ward and Strike Shield Ward.

Raid Boss  Protection Perk
Sandwurm Shah Neshen the Devourer Strike Protection
The Hatchery Razhan the Hordemaster Flame Protection

Mutation Gems

When engaging in specific content, it’s essential to utilize particular gems to mitigate incoming damage, especially in Mutated Expeditions and Raids within New World. These Mutations come in four types: Void, Nature, Ice, and Fire, adding 3 extra levels of difficulty to Expeditions, with the mutation types and expeditions rotating weekly.

To effectively handle these challenges, you should consider equipping an Amulet with a corresponding protection perk and embedding the appropriate gems into your gear:

  • Amethyst: Provides protection against Void Mutations.
  • Amber: Offers defense against Nature Mutations.
  • Aquamarine: Guards against Ice Mutations.
  • Ruby: Provides protection against Fire Mutations.

For Raid content, while they don’t have mutations, they pose formidable challenges as large group encounters. To minimize incoming damage during Raids, you’ll need to employ the same strategy by using the following gems:

  • Jasper (Strike Protection): Effective against Sandwurm encounters in Raids.
  • Ruby (Flame Protection): Suitable for dealing with The Hatchery in Raids.

By thoughtfully selecting the right gems and utilizing the protective perks on your Amulet, you’ll be better equipped to face the formidable challenges presented by Mutated Expeditions and Raids in New World.