Ward and Protection Gear Perks

In this article we’ll be taking a look at the Ward and Protection gear you need in New World as a Tank.

When playing as a Tank in New World it’s beneficial to utilise gear, shields and amulets that have specific perks depending on which Expedition you’re doing or even which boss you are fighting.

On your armor you should be using Ward gear which varies within each Expedition. There is Ancient WardAngry Earth WardBeast WardCorrupted WardHuman Ward and Lost Ward and this is the gear you should prioritise in obtaining. There are some easily obtainable Ward gear items:

Depending on which boss you are fighting you might also benefit from a Protection perk which is a perk you can use on both your Shield and your Amulet. This will reduce the bosses main damage abilities so it can be extremely helpful to assist with your survival in boss fights.

Amulets can have Flame Protection, Frozen Protection, Nature Protection, Void Protection, Thrust Protection, Slash Protection, Arcane Protection, Lightning Protection and Strike Protection.

Shields can have Flame Shield Ward, Frozen Shield Ward, Nature Shield Ward, Void Shield Ward, Thrust Shield Ward, Slash Shield Ward, Arcane Shield Ward, Lightning Shield Ward and Strike Shield Ward.

Below you’ll find a list of which Expedition requires each specific Ward gear type and the main damage sources of the bosses in those Expeditions so you can utilise your Protection perks also.

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