How good is Resolving Vigor now?

Resolving Vigor is a morph of Vigor which is a skill from the Alliance War – Assault skill line and it’s the first ability you unlock.

Did you know that Resolving Vigor now provides Minor Resolve which gives you almost 3k Resistances?

A lot of people ask about resistances and reinforced gear, and I’ve made many comments about these topics in the past.

Minor Resolve is a buff most Tanks don’t factor into their Resistances. Minor Resolve is provided by healers via Combat Prayer which has been a must have skill for healers for a number of years. Tanks don’t factor this buff into their setup due to the inconsistency of Combat Prayer sometimes or the issue that the healer is too far away, however you will on a lot of occasions have Minor Resolve active on your Tank already.

When combining Major Resolve (commonly also provided by a Warden Healer or Tanks with Expansive Frost Cloak) with Minor Resolve this gives you a total of 8922 Resistances. Combine these 2 buffs with your Bulwark Blue CP and the Fortified Red CP along with 5 Heavy Armor and with a DK Tank we’re sitting on 33k Armor.

Resolving Vigor is also a heal over time. Granted it’s not a great HoT but it can be buffed by various healing modifiers – so on the DK Tank using Igneous Shield prior to casting it increases the heal.

As a Tank, using Vigor has always been one common source of proccing the Powerful Assault gear set. It’s also often useful to have both a Heal over Time and a Burst Heal for sustain reasons and for coping with different combat instances.
If you are looking to make your Tank build a little more Tanky then start equipping Resolving Vigor to get yourself to that resistance cap along with giving yourself a boost to your self-healing.

Do you use Resolving Vigor and what do you think of this buff to the skill? Let us know on The Tank Club Discord.

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Resolving Vigor Buff