ESO Tank Mythics – Ring of the Wild Hunt

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Set bonus

1 items: Increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat. Increases your movement speed by 45% while out of combat.

Set Rating:
4 out of 5.

Also Known As:
Wild Hunt Ring.

When to use:
Add pulls, Off Tank vAS, vCR.

Where to obtain:

  • Band of Water – Glenumbra Bad Man’s Hallow Public Dungeon Bosses
  • Charm of the Shapeless – Mirkmire Delve and World Bosses
  • Face of the Serpent – Elden Hollow I Boss Canonreeve Oraneth
  • Face of the Wolf Beast – Malabal Tor World Bosses
  • Symbol of Y’ffre – Greenshade World Bosses

Set Piece:

If you are looking to boost your movement speed then this mythic item can be a good way to do so.

Most commonly this is used by a Tank for add pulls and this is often in place of using swift jewellery. When Tanking add pulls especially in trials, the Tanks should always stay ahead of the group and need to move quickly to do so and stack everything up ready for the group to kill.

Other places it can be seen is with Off Tanks in Asylum Sanctorium when doing +1 Llothis or +2 to give the OT most speed to stack the mini boss faster.

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