SWTOR Tank Class Tier List 7.3

In Star Wars The Old Republic, a diverse range of tank classes awaits players in this MMORPG, where their pivotal role becomes evident in endgame content such as Master Flashpoints and Operations.

The tank classes within SWTOR consist of:

  • Juggernaut (Immortal)
  • Guardian (Defense)
  • Powertech (Shield Tech)
  • Vanguard (Shield Specialist)
  • Assassin (Darkness)
  • Shadow (Kinetic Combat)
SWTOR Tank Class Tier List

Notably, several of these classes share similarities, with distinct weaponry and ability names differentiating them. For instance, Juggernaut and Guardian, Powertech and Vanguard, and Assassin and Shadow are mirror classes. Recognizing this is essential, as when selecting a second combat style, it’s advantageous to opt for diversity rather than mirroring, thereby unlocking a fresh set of possibilities upon switching disciplines.

My personal choice for a tank class has been the Jedi Knight Guardian, while my secondary combat style is Shadow. This strategic decision stems from my intention to embrace a comprehensive tanking role, allowing me to navigate diverse situations effectively.

SWTOR Tank Class Tier List

SWTOR Juggernaut Tank, Defense Guardian Tank Build, Immortal Juggernaut Tank Build

1. Guardian and Juggernaut

Guardians (Republic) and Juggernauts (Empire) embody stalwart tanks, wielding lightsabers and heavy armor to safeguard allies. Their exceptional defensive capabilities, robust crowd control choices, and reliable threat generation establish them as the cornerstone of any team. The synergistic blend of correct Tactics, Implants, and abilities can expedite actions like casting Saber Ward and enhancing damage output by circumventing cooldowns and maximizing Riposte. While not excessively intricate to play, their optimal configuration might necessitate time investment due to specific items like the Grit Teeth Tactical and Retaliator Implant. These qualities propel them into the top tier of tank classes.

SWTOR Tank Shadow jpg

2. Shadow and Assassin

Shadows (Republic) and Assassins (Empire) embody agile tanks who exploit stealth and misdirection for engagement control. Although they lack the sheer defensive potency of Tier 1 tanks, Shadows and Assassins compensate with unparalleled utility, self-sustain capabilities, and the knack for stealthily bypassing foes when required. Their adeptness in crowd control, evasion, and positional manipulation renders them a solid choice for players seeking a more intricate gameplay style. Their Tier 2 standing reflects their unique strengths and the specific scenarios where they excel.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Tank

3. Vanguard and Powertech

Vanguards (Republic) and Powertechs (Empire) arguably rank among the simpler tank classes to master. While they boast solid passive mitigation, they offer fewer defensive cooldown options compared to their peers. This deficiency in cooldowns for evading, cleansing, and resisting specific damage types might hinder their performance in encounters featuring predictable high-damage mechanics. However, their PvP potential soars with the appropriate Tactical, effectively rendering them nearly invincible. Tier 3 classification doesn’t denote ineffectiveness but rather highlights that these classes demand additional finesse and coordination to shine, compared to Tier 1 and Tier 2 counterparts. Vanguards and Powertechs excel in burst damage and remain proficient at tanking most content, albeit necessitating meticulous positioning and timing of abilities to rival the efficiency of higher-tier tank classes.

Importantly, this tier list reflects my opinion based on personal preference and SWTOR experience. However, maintaining versatility across various classes in response to content and scenarios is wise, given SWTOR’s dynamic class balance due to ongoing updates and adjustments. Players should consider individual inclinations, playstyles, and content preferences when selecting a tank class. Notably, skillful play, teamwork, and comprehension of encounter mechanics tend to influence success more than class tier rankings.

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