ESO Tank Mythics – Syrabane’s Ward

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Set bonus

1 items: You cannot move while Bracing. While Bracing, you create a 12m zone of protection. Allies within the zone increase their Block Mitigation by 30% and their Health Recovery by 950.

Set Rating:
1 out of 5.

Also Known As:

When to use:

Where to obtain:

  • Frog Metal Buckle – Blacksmithing Daily Writ Boxes
  • Indrik-hide Strap – Summerset Indrik Frolic World Boss
  • Iridescent Pearlwater Wash – High Isle/Galen Fishing
  • Rune-scribed BracesShipwright’s Regret Last Boss
  • Silverthread Stitching – The Banished Cells II Last Boss

Set Piece:
Heavy Armor Waist.

This doesn’t seem like a good mythic to use. The only way it provides a group benefit is if the wearer stands inside a group holding block and the group members are also blocking. If the group members are not blocking, it doesn’t do anything.

If there is a mechanic that group members need to block and sometimes they die then this would benefit that specific situation.

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