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Hello, I’m Lee – the creator of The Tank Club! I am a single Father of 3 children, and I was previously a General Manager and Area Trainer for a multi-million pound business. Due to a range of real life circumstances I had to leave my job so I could care for my children.

I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since BETA and I setup the TC Discord in June 2019. I began streaming on Twitch and making YouTube content for ESO around October 2019. As a parent and former Trainer it’s in my background to teach, train and nurture others. It brings me a lot of joy to learn and develop personally so I can share my information to help people to improve alongside me, even in ESO.

The Tank Club started back when I was playing on Xbox. I made the Discord for myself to keep all my gear, skill and CP setups for each trial. I used to run in multiple trials teams on Xbox EU and NA and I began inviting other Tanks from my teams to join so we could optimise and compare our setups.

After joining some random trials I began inviting others that I met along my way and that’s when The Tank Club really began to take off via word of mouth. I began streaming my Trials and other content, to try and display methods of how to Tank everything, and give people a live format for asking questions about Tanking.

I now play on PC EU and I still occasionally play Xbox NA, Xbox EU and PC NA. The Tank Club has become a fantastic place to be and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you and for that I thank you all.

Looking to the future we have now progressed the Discord over to this wonderful website which myself and the team are working hard to fill it with information, and we will continue to updated and post new content as much as we can. YouTube content will start to increase as the site gets more towards its completed state so we can have a good video library of content, help and advice.

The twitch stream continues to grow and that will continue to be a live platform to join me, have a chat and watch me tank! Thank you for supporting me and The Tank Club, make sure you drop by my stream or discord and say hi.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Tank Club, this whole project has been a huge success but it would be nothing without you guys.