ESO Tank Sets – The Worm’s Raiment

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Set bonus

2 items: Adds 129 Spell Damage

3 items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

4 items: Adds 129 Magicka Recovery

5 items: Grants 145 Magicka Recovery to you and up to 11 other group members within 28 meters of you

Set Rating:
4 out of 5.

Also Known As:
Worm, Worm Cult.

When to use:
Magicka group compositions who need additional sustain.

Where to obtain:
Vaults of Madness. Named Ring & Neck from Ancient One boss. Named 1 Handed Weapon from Mad Architect boss. Shield for completing the dungeon quest.

Set Weight:
Light Armor.

Which pieces to obtain:
Jewellery, 1 Handed Weapon, Shield, Frost/Any Staff, Bow.

When you are in a group with a group that is a Magicka composition then this set is good for helping the Damage Dealers to sustain.

It’s also not a terrible Tank set as we use mostly Magicka abilities on all Classes of Tank so the Magicka Recovery and Max Magicka are all helpful to the Tanks too. One of the most important things about this set is that it’s an aura buff and requires no effort to maintain it so it’s just a permanent buff for your group that requires no effort to maintain making it a really strong option.

This is a good set to collect early on since it’s quite easy to obtain aside from the Ice Staff and combining with Sax/Ebon for a simple and easy Off Tank setup.