ESO Ability Altering Weapons –
Void Bash (Vateshran 1 Hand and Shield)

Set bonus

2 items (Perfected): Adds 965 Maximum Health.
2 items: When you deal damage with Power Bash, you apply Call of the Void to yourself for 2 seconds. Enemies within 12 meters are immediately pulled to you. After Call of the Void ends, you apply Major Maim to enemies in the area for 10 seconds, reducing their damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 13 seconds.

Set Rating:
5 out of 5 (Dungeons).

Also Known As:
Vateshran 1H & Shield

When to use:
Dungeon add pulls.

Where to obtain:
Vateshran Hollows (Markarth).
Normal for None Perfected, Veteran for Perfected.

Set Weight:
Arena Weapon.

Which pieces to obtain:
1 Hand and Shield.

This is a real nice way to basically chain in all enemies with 1 skill, it’s useful on all classes so it’s the meta for dungeon add pulls.

Works great for dungeon content, does not work well in places like Blackrose Prison as it chains things like the Netches which causes you to die.

Using this is amazing for sustaining in dungeons, you just cast 1 skill to chain everything meaning you can spend resources doing other things such as blocking, buffing, debuffing or self-healing if needed. You no longer need to spam Chains or Silver Leash to get all adds stacked up for your group.

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