Albion Online Tank Guide

Albion Online is a medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG where Tanks are very much a vital part of the game.

There is a wide range of PvE content where a Tank is needed and you’ll frequently see players looking for Tanks in the in-game chat.

Albion Online Tanking is quite a passive style of Tanking where you don’t physically have the ability to block or dodge attacks and it’s quite simple to get going as a Tank in this MMO game with only having one weapon and 6 skills equipped at a single time.


  • Aggroing enemies with Threat generation and Taunting
  • Stacking enemies
  • Learning enemy mechanics
  • Timing your skill cooldowns
  • Buffing yourself
  • Debuffing enemies

Albion Online Tank Basics

Albion Online Tanking isn’t super complicated.

When dealing with add phases, typically you’ll try to pull 2-3 add pulls together. You have to be careful of the range you are trying to pull things together because enemies don’t usually have a huge pull range and they will run off back to their spawn location.

The Incubus Mace is a very strong Tank weapon because it makes add pulls easy, ideally you also want to use anything that can reduce your cooldowns faster so you can use abilities more often. This is especially useful if you are able to hit each stack of adds with something like Threatening Smash.

While doing add pulls you’ll need a bit of help from your healer but make sure to use your Block ability while stacking and Enfeeble Aura during big damage add pulls.

  1. Run into all fights first, your group should not attack anything.
  2. Hit the first adds, run past and hit the second adds and then go to the 3rd if they are within range and hit those also.
  3. Circle back around to where the 2nd adds were located.
  4. Run in a circle around all of the adds which should be running towards you and hit them with an ability such as Air Compressor.
  5. Once all the adds are pulled in and stacked you hit them with Shrinking Curse which reduces their max health and damage done.

Boss fights are even more simple in reality. Your focus is maintaining aggro and cooldowns. Survival is key in these combat situations so reducing bosses damage, reducing your incoming damage, interrupting boss attacks while playing any mechanics and moving out of Area of Effect’s that bosses use is what you’ll need to do.

Albion Online Taunt and Threat

Tanking requires you to have aggro of enemies and in Albion Online this is achieved with a number of methods including both taunt abilities but also threat generation.

There are some bosses where you need a physical taunt ability in which case you’ll need something like the Taunt ability that you can select when using Guardian Armor.

You can avoid using a taunt ability in most cases however and rely on threat generation instead which is when the enemy attacks you because you are the biggest threat to them.

The first step to having high threat on an enemy is to make sure you are the first person into combat and your group don’t attack adds until they are stacked and they don’t attack bosses until after you.

By using Guardian Armor you can select the passive buff of Protective Instinct which gives you increased threat generation by 300%.
Another good way to generate threat on enemies is by using an Incubus Mace along with the Threatening Smash ability because this increases threat towards all mobs that you hit and its an AoE forward cleave so you can hit a lot of enemies with it, it has a short cooldown and depending on your setup you might be able to have this ability back even faster.