Tarisland Closed Beta 1st Impressions of this new MMORPG

Welcome to The Tank Club! Today, we delve into the exciting world of Tarisland, a brand new MMORPG currently in its Closed Beta phase. Having spent five hours exploring this eagerly awaited game, we’re here to share our initial impressions of its gameplay, mechanics, and overall experience. So lets dive into our Tarisland Closed Beta 1st Impressions!

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From the moment we set foot in Tarisland, we were immediately struck by its visually stunning landscapes, which seemed to blend elements from popular titles like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and Albion Online. Despite its vastness, one surprising feature of Tarisland is its compatibility with mobile platforms, ensuring that players can embark on epic adventures regardless of their preferred device.

The game’s early stages offered a thrilling introduction, akin to facing a raid boss as your first in-game challenge. Here, you quickly become acquainted with various mechanics that will undoubtedly prove crucial as you progress through dungeons and raids. The storyline, while decently executed, does have room for improvement. Voice acting enhances the immersion, but as the narrative advances, inconsistencies arise, such as voiced lines being abruptly cut off or straying from on-screen subtitles. Nevertheless, the story manages to strike a satisfying balance, offering an engaging plot without overwhelming players with excessive lore or text-based content.

Tarisland’s combat system presents interesting dynamics. Initially simple, it gradually unveils greater complexity as you earn talent points and unlock new abilities. However, overall, the combat mechanics remain relatively basic to accommodate mobile gameplay. With six abilities at your disposal, including long-duration buffs, area-of-effect attacks, and skills that require building up using spammable abilities, the combat experience proves effective and engaging. Additionally, players can choose between two distinct skill setups. For example, our chosen path led us to become a versatile Barbarian Fighter capable of switching seamlessly between melee damage and tank roles. Skill upgrades require silver, but the leveling system applies to both skill sets, making role-switching and talent point allocation a breeze. This feature particularly benefits support players who can opt for support skills in group content and swiftly transition to a damage-focused setup for solo quests.

Tarisland Warrior

In terms of in-game content, Tarisland shares striking similarities with the acclaimed World of Warcraft. We had the opportunity to venture into various dungeons, including the elite version, and found them to be enjoyable, featuring reasonably challenging encounters with intriguing mechanics. The quality of raids remains to be explored, but initial impressions are promising. Initially, we appreciated the NPC voice providing guidance on mechanics, but its repetitive nature can become a minor annoyance once you become familiar with the game’s intricacies.

One aspect that caught our attention was the relatively small size of the game map, coupled with the rapid leveling experience during the early stages. This prompts the question of whether Tarisland can offer long-term engagement or if players will exhaust its content within a week. While our initial impressions lean towards positivity, it’s worth noting that our expectations were surpassed. Despite concerns about being a potential World of Warcraft clone, Tarisland showcases an enjoyable and well-developed experience. It’s astonishing to consider that the game has been in development for just three years, given the level of polish present. However, the question of long-term content remains, unless the developers plan to introduce substantial additions before the official launch or commit to frequent content updates.

As we continue our journey through Tarisland, we look forward to providing a comprehensive review at the end of the Closed Beta phase. We extend our gratitude to our Patreon supporters and thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore the vast landscapes and captivating quests that Tarisland has to offer.