ESO Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon Tank Guide

Earthen Root Enclave Guide by Irreverent Aegis

This is an Elder Scrolls Online Tank guide for the Earthen Root Enclave dungeon which is located in the High Isle area.

Earthen Root Enclave was released with Update 35 – Lost Depths in August 2022.

In this dungeon you’ll encounter 3 main bosses, each with their own hardmode and 3 optional bosses.

Scalded Roots – Optional Boss 1

Attacks to look out for:

  • Ground Based Fire AOEs: Much like Kinras Ironeye from Black Drake Villa or Stoneheart in Bloodroot Forge, this boss places fire AOEs on the ground wherever you are standing. Just walk out of them to avoid the DOT. If you have a healer, you can just stand in them without much issue.
  • Frontal AOE Cone: Block this. Do not swing it into your group. They’ll die.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Boss will light hands-on fire, raise them up, and spawn 2 fire wolves. They’re weak but probably should be taunted. Just don’t swing the cone while picking them up.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • Nothing special

Special Notes:

  • Boss can be interrupted, but it doesn’t really matter.

Corruption of Stone – Boss 1

Attacks to look out for

  • Heavy Attack/Heal Check: Getting hit by this puts a heal check on you, reduces your damage, and makes you take more damage. Unlike most heal checks, you can heal yourself out of this one. If you roll dodge the attack, the boss will become enraged, making all his attacks hit harder (not a big deal for you because getting hit by it also makes you take more damage). In non-hard mode, this isn’t really a big deal as your group needs to avoid his damaging mechanics anyway. If you can spam a couple self-heals or have a healer, take the hit. If your healer is dead and you don’t want to drain your resources healing yourself, roll it.
  • Ground Smash: You can stand inside this and block. It doesn’t hurt that much. It will send out some rocks that will hit your group, but who cares about them? You’re a tank, and these measly pebbles don’t hold a candle to you.
  • Ground Stomp: You can stand inside this and block the initial hit. Then you should kite the AOEs that happen after. Tell your group to stay away from you during kite, unless they like wiping. In that case, they can all stand around you and blow you up.
  • Rock Tornado: At 30%, boss will do constant damage to everyone with a swirling tornado of rock shrapnel. You can’t do anything about it, so just close your eyes and go to your happy place.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Stone Atronachs come out after the “hide” mechanic at 80, 60, and 30%. They put a beam on somebody that progressively snares them until it eventually completely stuns them. The stun can be broken free of, but if the atronachs are interrupted, it breaks the snare. When the adds are up, hold the boss in the middle of the arena as the DDs and healer work around the room, killing them one at a time.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • At 80%, 60%, and 30%, boss will fly away (I don’t know how rock monsters can fly, but this is a fantasy video game, so whatever, I guess). Everyone in the group will follow you, the clear leader of the group, to hide behind the stone pillars that pop up. When the explosion happens, always run forward immediately (sometimes the next stone pillar will appear straight ahead and will be hard to see because it’s behind the boss, so get moving early) and then veer left or right depending on where the next pillar pops up.
  • Call out “kite” when the ground stop happens. DDs are notoriously simple minded and will probably die if you don’t yell at them all the time.

Additional mechanics tank should be aware of:

  • Applying breach to the stone atronachs. A ranged ability such as elemental drain or a class ability that applies breach will allow you to do this while keeping the boss away from everybody. Depending on your group, this may or may not be your responsibility, but you should be aware of it in case it is.
  • Interrupting stone atronachs. Your DDs will probably be killing the atronachs one at a time, so it is either up to you or the healer to get interrupts on the atronachs they aren’t killing. Since many healers get carried through content and don’t know what they’re doing, you may have to take on this responsibility, so make sure you have “Crushing Shock” available.

Special Notes:

  • If you did the first optional boss, there will be a red orb you can synergize. Grab it every time it’s up so you can do some additional damage to the boss.
  • After the 30% “hide” phase, assuming your DDs aren’t fake, the stone atronachs can be ignored, and the boss can be executed. If they are fake, re-evaluate your poor life decisions because you aren’t getting past this boss, and even if you did, why would you want to continue?

Corruption of Stone – Boss 1 Hardmode


  • All attacks and mechanics are identical to non hard-mode, just stronger.
  • Try not to roll dodge the heavy attacks because the boss’s AOEs will hit much harder.
  • You pretty much have to go for a straight execute after the second “hide” phase (30%), as the damage output and sustain requirements are probably too great to deal with for extended periods.