ESO Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Tank Guide

This is an Elder Scrolls Online Tank guide for the Scrivener’s Hall dungeon which is located in the The Rift area.

Scrivener’s Hall was released with Scribes of Fate in March 2023.

In this dungeon you’ll encounter 3 main bosses, each with their own hardmode.

Try our ESO Dungeon Tank Build for completing this dungeon.

Riftmaster Naqri – Boss 1

Having the most misspelled boss name on online ESO guides (seriously, it’s neither Ritemaster nor Maqri), this boss is just a copy/paste of Joe Goldberg from You. He loves books and murders people. Maybe this is actually a crossover between You and ESO. We can call it ESOYou. Pretty sure that’s not taken yet.

Attacks to look out for

  • Super Slow Heavy Attack: This is really slow and doesn’t hurt that much if you block it. It hits way harder on hard mode, so if you want to practice roll dodging it, regular vet is the place to do it.
  • Booknadoes: Like everyone’s favourite movie, Sharknado, a booknado is just a tornado with a twist… wait… But seriously, it’s just a tornado made of books. It places an AOE on the ground and sends out AOEs in an outward spiral. Just stand there and take it like a tank. You’ll be fine.
  • Summon Book: Glowing Books are summoned at around 85%, 55%, and 35%. The books send out two orbs to two random places in the library arena (the librarena). As the tank, you don’t need to worry about these, but the DDs in your group (damage dealers, not the busts of sexy librarians) need to track down the books (by following the trajectory of the orbs) and interact with them. This will make the books go away.
  • Teleport and Summon Exploding Book: Boss will teleport across the map and place down an AOE circle with a book over the top of it (this guy is seriously a one-trick pony). A high pitched tone will sound, and then BOOM! As the tank, you should stand in the circle (think Dread Cellar final boss) or the explosion will result in many deaths.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Battlescribes: They appear throughout the fight. Chain them in and keep aggro if you feel like being useful.
  • Glowing People: When a book is summoned, an icon that is the colour of the book will appear above the boss’s head at regular time intervals. This will summon a glowperson of the same colour. If the glowperson is red, you should bash it when it appears to avoid damage. If the glowperson is gold, you hold block (joke’s on you gold glowperson, I’m a tank!) If the gloperson is green, you roll dodge. If you do absolutely none of these things, you’ll be fine. It’s the other people in your group that need to do them, especially since the DDs will be outside of heal range as they are out on their scavenger hunt.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • If your DDs and Healer have poor situational awareness, you can pull the boss out of the booknado, and hopefully they won’t stand in the AOEs.
  • The adds don’t do much, but they are pesky during the book scavenger hunt. Chain them in so they are taunted and die in cleave.
  • Call out what mechanic is occurring (block, roll, or bash) to make it easy on your friends who can’t follow on-screen prompts.
  • Jump in the exploding book AOE before it kills people.

Riftmaster Naqri – Boss 1 Hardmode


  • Everything hurts a lot more. Boss has more health.
  • During the exploding book AOE phase, there will be two circles. The healer should be responsible for jumping in the other one
    • Because healers are known to lack a sense of direction, it will be helpful for you to mark the boss with a skull at the beginning of the fight. That way, they can jump in the circle on time.

Riftmaster Naqri – Boss 1 DOUBLE Hardmode

Boss 1: Double Hard Mode

After raising the banner, burn the blue glowing book. This is unnecessary to get the trifecta, but it gives you a side achievement that will determine whether or not you lead a successful life.

Differences: Everything hurts more than regular hard mode. There might be other things, but I didn’t notice them.

Ozezan the Inferno – Boss 2

Attacks to look out for:

  • The Floor is Lava: Early in the fight, Ozezan goes underground and summons a giant AOE lava pool. This happens throughout the fight, but it’s one of its first few moves. Therefore, when you taunt initially, get as close to the wall as possible so this is out of the way, as the lava pools stay on the arena for a very long time. Before the lava pool is placed, a growing AOE will appear on the ground. Everyone should jump up on the nearest piece of furniture to avoid the explosion and subsequent lava. Also, the lava shoots out lines of fire throughout the fight, not that it matters that much.
  • Beam: After spawning the lava pool, the boss will come up out of the ground on the opposite side of the arena. Shortly thereafter, it’ll put a beam out that targets each player. Everyone should outrun/roll dodge the beam.
  • Summon squishy bugs that make you fast: Boss will shoot out some green larvae from their non-binary, asexually reproducing back. A maximum of 2 larvae can spawn into an enemy called “Evolved Broodling.” DDs can go step on these to gain 10% movement speed, stackable many times over, for a few seconds. Stepping on all the larvae will prevent the Evolved Broodlings from hatching, but this is a waste of time. ESPECIALLY ON HARD MODE. Don’t do it.
  • Conal Spew: Boss spits on you and anyone near you. Face it away from the group and block.
  • Suction, and not the good kind: The second time (if you do a reasonable amount of damage, that is) ole’ Inferno puts out a lava pool, they will spawn in the center of the arena. Everyone should make it to the outside wall, as Ozezan will try to suck you all into their giant wormy mouth. If you are outside enough, the suction will end before you reach the burning center of the room.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Evolved Broodlings: They do a lot of light attacks. They also shoot out fireballs at everyone when far away.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • Place the first lava pool as close to the wall as possible
  • Taunt all the adds
  • Turn the boss away from the group when it spews

Ozezan the Inferno – Boss 2 Hardmode


  • Lots of Evolved Broodlings spawn instead of just 2. Taunt them as they come in. They should die in the cleave.
  • An Iron Atro will spawn around 25%. Taunt it and keep aggro on it until the boss dies.
  • Blood Boil: A red beam or tether will hit everyone. It’s a HUGE heal debuff and a big DOT. Bring a good healer and make sure you know how to sustain. Can be roll dodged.
  • Green blob monsters will also appear throughout the fight if you don’t roll dodge the blood boil. Taunt them to keep them off your DDs and Healer… except that one person who has a goo fetish. He can keep one around for… activities.

NOTE: DO NOT pay attention to any guides online that tell you to follow the mechanics where you need to squish the bugs to prevent the adds from spawning. This is a waste of time, makes the fight way harder, and is entirely unnecessary. You’ll have no time on target and the fight will take FOREVER. This is purely a stack and burn fight that should only take a few minutes. A great group should be able to burn Ozezan to 0% in the centre of the room shortly after the suction attack that occurs after the 2nd lava pool is summoned. A good group should be able to burn Ozezan shortly after the 3rd lava pool is summoned. If your group isn’t at least that good, you have no business doing this hard mode. AOE sets (like Whorl of the Depths) and AOE ultimates (such as the destruction staff ultimate or standard of might) on your DDs are nice. A warden healer works best due to giving everyone Major Resolve and extra health and having a great assortment of HOTs. Surviving all the adds is a cakewalk with a good healer. If you don’t have a warden in group for the major resolve, the tank can wear Grave Guardian or Mighty Glacier, or the DDs can slot their own source of Major Resolve (but you’ll lose damage with either of these options).

NOTE 2: The best time to pick up taunt on the adds is right when they come in and then right after the conal attack. Don’t get stuck taunting adds randomly, as you might cone kill everyone.

NOTE 3: Since you’ll be taunting and blocking literally everything (and there is A LOT to taunt and block), sustain is important. Sturdy gear and infused block cost reduction jewellery is ideal here, in my opinion, for burn strats. For a “safe strat” where we didn’t have a Warden healer, I’ve done this with reinforced gear and infused potion cool down jewellery on an Argonian Nightblade tank wearing Grave Guardian, Lord Warden, and Battalion Defender. Sustain wasn’t an issue on either build. I feel like everybody who argues about this crap just games in a bubble. Pick the right gear for the content, group comp, and goal. See what both works and matches your team’s abilities and play style. There isn’t a one-size fits all approach.

Lamikhai and Valinna – Boss 3

Room 1: Lamikhai (Giant Spider)

Attacks to look out for:

  • Cookies: A red circle that looks like a cookie will appear over someone’s head. After a few seconds, an AOE will spawn under that person. Fire will rain down on that spot for the duration of the fight.
  • Enrage: Boss will rear up on hind legs (animation is the same as the heavy attack) and will start glowing red. All its light attacks will hit for major damage through block, and it’s heavy attack will kill you through block. As soon as the enrage is triggered, roll over to the ice circle that the NPC puts out across the room (it’s almost always the furthest corner away from where the boss is positioned) and wait behind it. That’ll cool the boss off.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • There are small spiders that spawn. You can taunt them or ignore them. They don’t do much.

Special Notes:

  • When Lamikhai gets to 50%, it’ll run away. The webs covering the door will burn, and everyone c