ESO Shipwright’s Regret Dungeon Tank Guide

Shipwright’s Regret Guide by Irreverent Aegis

This is an Elder Scrolls Online Tank guide for the Shipwright’s Regret dungeon which is located in the Rivenspire area.

Shipwright’s Regret was released with Ascending Tide in March 2022.

In this dungeon you’ll encounter 3 main bosses, each with their own hardmode and 3 optional bosses.

This guide is aimed specifically for Tanks in the Veteran and Hardmode versions of the dungeon.

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Lost Maiden – Optional Boss 1

Attacks to look out for:

  • Gaslighting- The true joy of this fight is the dialogue. Seriously, go into your menu and read it all when the fight is over. The Lost Maiden will make you feel like you just got out of the most dysfunctional relationship ever. It ended with you murdering her, though, so now you have to live with that.
  • Ice Spikes: She impales you with ice spikes, right to the groin, probably. Sounds like something a vengeful spirit would you. Good thing you wore protection. Could you imagine having kids with her? Oh, I meant protection from the groin spikes. Anyway, just block these.
  • Ice Conal: Face it away from the group, as usual. Sidestep it, roll dodge it, block it, or even do that thing where you accidentally jump backwards instead of rolling. You won’t die regardless. It’ll knock you back a little though. 
  • Hail: Small AOEs that I imagine feel like snowflakes get summoned down from the sky. I didn’t even notice these were a thing until I watched my own video.
  • Heavy Attack: She throws a snowball at you or something. It hurts, so you’ll want to block this one.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Right around 60%, boss will split into 3 mini versions of herself (as if one angry ex-lover wasn’t enough!). They all do the same attacks as the main one. DDs can take these down however they want. When all are taken care of, you’ll hook up with the main lady for one last honeymoon period because dysfunctional love is the hottest love. But again… this ends poorly… with murder, and it’s totally not worth it, even if it feels right at the time. Note that the minis will all continue attacking even after they are killed.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • Taunt all the minis so they don’t heavy attack your DDs or healer. One of them will probably die if this happens, and it totally won’t ruin a trifecta run or anything when it does. Promise.

Special Notes:

  • You’ll get the “Maiden’s Protection” buff for completing this. That way, her love can stay with you for all eternity. It gives a 10% boost to Max Magicka and an emergency shield when your health drops below 10%.

Foreman Bradiggan – Boss 1

Attacks to look out for:

  • Heavy Attack: Like most boss heavy attacks, you should block this. It hurts a lot more when you have a haunter on you, so feel free to roll it too.
  • Charge and Summon Haunters: Tank the boss near the exit door. When the boss charges, it’ll just charge into the wall, and your group’s DOTs will all stay on the boss. One haunter will appear for each person alive in your group. During execute, this charge will happen at an annoyingly high rate, and you can no longer control its direction, so be prepared to chase this guy around as if he were your child running through traffic. 
  • Growing AOE: Boss sends out circles in multiple directions when AOE reaches maximum size. If it hits someone, it will stun him, and then that circle will split into multiple additional circles and be sent out in all directions. It’s not that big of a deal on non-hard mode, but it’s good practice for hard mode to avoid it. Roll dodge FORWARD through the attack to avoid it. Also, if you are tanking directly on the boss, this doesn’t need to be roll dodged at all. You can just take the hit without repercussions other than breaking free after it hits (note that the Slippery CP slottable is really nice here).
  • Summon Flesh Colossus: Brad will disappear at 60% and again at 30%, calling up a Flesh Colossus to fight in his place while he uses Tinder from the bathroom. Now you know what’s taking him so long. 
  • Teleport: Not really an attack, but after the 2nd Flesh Colossus phase, the boss will teleport to the person farthest away. It’s best for everyone to stack closely that way the boss never teleports out of the group’s ground DOTs.

Adds/Mini-bosses Notes:

  • Haunters: They tether to people and make them take way more damage from all sources. These should be killed right away. Everyone should group up so AOEs will take them all down more quickly.
  • Flame Shapers: They light attack and do a channeled flame ability that sends fire at everyone. This can be interrupted, but it’s better if the tank chains them in because interrupt ruins the ability of the tank to chain them in
  • Flesh Colossus: It will do a ground slam that creates a growing poison pool. The poison pool is definitely something everyone wants to swim in because everybody loves pools! Everyone will also get an AOE circle on them during this phase. Don’t stack the circles.

Mechanics tank is responsible for:

  • Face boss towards wall
  • Don’t spread the circle
  • Chain in the flame shapers

Special Notes:

  • Never trust anyone named Brad. Am I right, ladies?
  • Auto-chain is your friend in this fight, especially for hard mode. You won’t need to worry about the flame shapers if they automatically get chained in. So, get yourself some Swarm Mother’s or be a Necro tank.

Foreman Bradiggan – Boss 1 Hardmode


  • Haunters: First round of haunters comes up when Brad charges the tank. They should be kept alive until Brad charges the tank the second time (only 4 can be active at a time, so this prevents having to deal with a second round of haunters). Then they can be killed. The tank needs to be really careful not to bar swap during a light attack when a haunter is on him. All haunters need to be dead before pushing boss to 60%
  • Haunters Round 2: After the first flesh colossus dies, the first set of haunters can be burned immediately.
  • Execute Phase Haunters: Ignore them.
  • Growing AOE: Spreading this will likely get someone killed. As the tank, you can just eat it, as mentioned previously, but only if you are physically touching the boss. It won’t spread if you’re super close, but it’ll still stun you.
  • HUGS Mechanic: Tank and Healer stack on opposite sides of the boss. One DPS is assigned to the tank (and stacks near the tank), and the other is assigned to the healer (and stacks near the healer). It is up to the DPS to move to their respective support player, not the other way around. The tank and healer just stay in their spots. For example, if DPS 1 is assigned to the tank and gets the HUGS mechanic, he goes to the tank. If the tank gets the HUGS mechanic, DPS 1 still goes to the tank.
  • Two HUGS are Better than One Mechanic (execute): Same as above EXCEPT in cases where both the support player and his assigned DPS both get the mechanic simultaneously. Then “switch” is called out, and both DPS roll dodge through the boss to get to the other support player. Again, the tank and healer don’t move.
  • Flame Shapers: These are extra deadly when the haunters are up. There is no need to interrupt them as long as the tank has on an auto-chain (e.g. Necro tank or Swarm Mother’s monster set). During the second flesh colossus phase, A LOT of these will spawn.
  • Flesh Colossus: Has a lot more health. The second flesh colossus will enrage if you don’t kill it quickly. Stack and whack. Burn it quickly when it comes up. No need to move it around. Don’t stack the circles.
  • Execute Phase: Drop ultimates on Brad when he comes back after the 2nd flesh colossus. Groups should stack closely to each other (just far enough away to avoid overlapping HUGS). This is because the boss will teleport to the furthest character at random, which is really annoying. If everyone is closely stacked, nobody will need to replace DOTs or whiff on an ultimate. Also, don’t worry about flame shapers (auto-chain will take care of it) or haunters. Just burn the boss.

Shrouded Axeman – Optional Boss 2

Attacks to look out for:

  • Light Attacks: I don’t normally point these out, but can you imagine just standing there letting someone hit you with an axe and just shrugging it off?
  • Heavy Attack: Block, per usual
  • Summon 2 Wrath Hounds: The Axeman wi