‘Frostborn Guardian’ ESO Warden Tank Build

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‘Frostborn Guardian’ ESO Warden Tank Build Introduction

In the realm of Tamriel, where frost and nature intertwine, a formidable protector emerges. Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the world of the Frostborn Guardian!

With the cold embrace of winter at their fingertips, the ‘Frostborn Guardian’ commands the forces of frost to freeze their enemies in their tracks. They summon chilling blizzards that reduce the swiftest of foes to a crawl, while shielding themselves and their allies from harm with impenetrable ice barriers.

The true strength of the ‘Frostborn Guardian’ lies in their harmony with nature. They call upon the very essence of the wild, manifesting towering creatures to aid them in battle.

This is a general Warden Tank build for completing PvE, Dungeons, Trials and Arenas. It is aimed at being a fun alternative to the “meta,” and we’ve also included options for more optimized dungeon and trial content.

Frostborn Guardian is a double frost staff Tank build aimed at AoE debuffing and it can easily be adjusted to work in the most difficult content.

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‘Frostborn Guardian’ ESO Warden Tank Build Information




The Atronach


38k+ Health
15k+ Magicka
20k+ Stamina


Tri-Stat Potions
Minor Heroism Potions
Potion Info

Race: Nord is really useful for the increased Resistances, but a Breton or Imperial might also work well.

Mundus: This build only uses Magicka abilities so The Atronach provides the best utility.

Stats: You can apply your attributes however you like but it’s good to aim for some decent base level stats.

Food: Red Frothgar gives a ton of Magicka Recovery which is great for this build.

Potions: Essence of Health Tri-Stat potions work well to buff all 3 recoveries and restore Stamina.

‘Frostborn Guardian’ ESO Warden Tank Build Gear