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Updated: March 2021 – Flames of Ambition.
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Welcome to “Frostburn” the ESO Warden Tank Build for completing PvE, Dungeons, Trials and Arenas.

Please be aware that this build will not always be something you would use in an organised and optimised groups for some content. While this build provides support, group buffs and is a lot of fun to play, some aspects of the build might not be needed if you were participating in organised Veteran Trials or Veteran DLC Dungeons. You would need to utilise the Main Tank, Off Tank, and Dungeon Tank builds to optimise for those situations.

The Frostburn build is a Warden Tank double Frost Staff build that’s main focus is to provide group support and cause area based effects that debuff enemies and make them take more damage. With the setup we will be using, the main focus is on providing group support but you will also do some good individual DPS. This would be a great setup to use even in Veteran Trial for add pulls but it would be limiting for Veteran Trial bosses and likely shouldn’t be used for those.

For more information about Warden Tanks make sure you check out the Warden Tank Overview page and The Tank Club on YouTube

Other Information

I’m using a Imperial for this build as it’s generally the best option but you could comfortably use almost any race you like.




The Atronach


7 Magicka
42 Health
15 Stamina


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion

For the Mundus Stone we go with The Atronach for the additional Magicka Recovery, this is because virtually all of our skills cost Magicka to cast.

Our Attributes are set with 7 Magicka, 42 Health, 15 Stamina and when we are fully buffed up and in combat we have huge stats of 25k Magicka, 47 Health and 32k Stamina.

We will be using Bewitched Sugar Skulls for the food so we can get all 3 Max resources higher which are all valuable for Tanking.

For potions we use Essence of Health Tri-Stat potions.


HeadEncratis's BehemothHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoulderEncratis's BehemothHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestDragon's DefilementHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
HandsDragon's DefilementHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
WaistDragon's DefilementHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
LegsDragon's DefilementHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
FeetDragon's DefilementHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
NecklaceFrozen WatcherJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
RingFrozen WatcherJewellery TriuneMagicka Recovery
RingFrozen WatcherJewellery TriuneMagicka Recovery
Main HandFrozen WatcherIce StaffChargedAny
Main Hand BackupFrozen WatcherIce StaffInfusedCrusher

All of the gear being used is focussed around AoE debuffing.

Our Monster Set is the Encratis’s Behemoth set which creates a huge red AoE that appears around you and will follow your movement. This reducing your incoming flame damage by 5% but also increases yours and your groups fire damage done to all enemies stood inside by 5%.

Since this is an AoE build and we are using double Frost Staves, we use Dragon’s Defilement to gain the almost 3k extra pen from Minor Breach which is also AoE, this won’t proc unless hit with a melee attack however so this set can be changed for fights where you’ll be up against Magic/Ranged enemies.

Finally we are using Frozen Watcher, when you block you will cause AoE Frost Damage and because we are using a Charged Frost Staff it will also cause instant Chilled on the enemies, this also means we will cause them to have Minor Maim applied which reduces their damage but we also apply AoE Minor Brittle which increase the amount of crit damage enemies take.

Where to Obtain:

Encratis's Behemoth – Veteran Black Drake Villa, Urgarlag Chief-bane

Dragon's Defilement – Lair of Maarselok

Frozen Watcher – Depths of Malatar

Other notable sets that you could use:

Perfected Claw of Yolnahkriin – Sunspire – Use this over Defiled Dragon in situations where you are against a Magic/Ranged enemy.


Warden Skills

Inner Rage Razor Caltrops Scalding Rune Polar Wind Fetcher Infection Barrier
Gripping Shards Frozen Device Elemental Blockade Expansive Frost Cloak Bull Netch Aggressive Horn

Warden Passives

Front Bar

  • Inner Rage – Our main Taunt that we will use to keep aggro of all enemies, we use this since we are using double Frost Staff.
  • Razor Caltrops – This is an AoE skill that causes Major Breach, we use this because we want are not using Pierce Armor and we want the AoE debuff to our enemies.
  • Scalding Rune – This skill is from the Mages Guild and we use it so we can keep consistent Fire Damage on the enemies to make sure our Monster Set is proccing on cooldown.
  • Polar Wind – This is our main heal, its a huge burst heal that scales with Max Health, it also heals 1 nearby low health ally, it gives us a heal over time and it causes Frost Damage which helps us with our Chilled uptime even more.
  • Fetcher Infection – This is yet another enemy debuff that will increase your groups damage, it will apply Minor Vulnerability which increases the damage enemies take by 5%.
  • Ultimate: Barrier – This is used purely for the Magicka Aid passive so we get 10% more Magicka by slotting this.

Back Bar

  • Gripping Shards – This is a skill we use to Immobilize our enemies, but this also boosts the chance to proc the Chilled effect and it does damage to the enemies that scales with Max Health.
  • Frozen Device – We use this to pull enemies to us, you can place 3 of these on the ground at 1 time to chain things quicker.
  • Elemental Blockade – Using this on Chilled enemies will immobilize them, so this is another method of crowd control. We also use it for the damage shield and so it will proc our Crusher enchant.
  • Expansive Frost Cloak – This is used to give Major Resolve to yourself and your group, if you don’t need it or struggle for sustain then switch it for Balance.
  • Bull Netch – This build will not use the Tri-Focus passive and this is why. We will use Stamina to block because we have almost no other Stamina costs, and by using this we are able to generate Stamina back while blocking and we also gain 12% more Stamina and Magicka recovery by having it slotted.
  • Ultimate: Aggressive Horn – This is our main Ultimate and should be used as often as possible. We use this it buff our own Max Magicka and Stamina by 10% but also increase our groups DPS even more.

Other Skills that could be used:

  • Balance – Use this if struggling for Magicka sustain.

How to Play / Guide

The way this build is intended to be played is by inflicting a range of AoE abilities and proc sets.

Before heading into combat you should buff up with Frost Cloak and using Netch. Throw your Caltrops in front of the enemy and move in while taunting the priority targets.

Place down Blockade, Gripping Shards, Scalding Rune, make sure you are blocking to activate your Frozen Watcher set. My preferred way of doing this is to do Skill > Light Attack > Block for 1s > Repeat.

Use Frozen Device to pull in any ranged enemies, and you can also apply Fetcher Infection to enemies, especially the priority targets such as Elite enemies and Bosses.

Main focusses are to maintain all debuffs, so refresh Block for Frozen Watch at least once every 3s and cast Caltrops and Scalding Rune on cooldown to maintain the main buffs and debuffs you are providing.

Champion Points


For this build there are no special CP required – please refer to the Champion Point page.


For this build there are no special CP required – please refer to the Champion Point page.