‘Souleater’ ESO Necromancer Tank Build

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‘Souleater’ ESO Necromancer Tank Build Introduction

Prepare to embrace darkness and command the powers of the undead with this Necromancer Tank Build ‘Souleater.’

Witness the unholy might of our build as we delve into the art of necromantic tanking in Elder Scrolls Online. Unleash the fury of the grave and become an indomitable force on the battlefield. Let the souls of your enemies fuel your strength as we guide you through the secrets of the Souleater!

This is a general Necromancer Tank build for completing PvE, Dungeons, Trials and Arenas. It is aimed at being a fun alternative to the “meta,” and we’ve also included options for more optimized dungeon and trial content.

Souleater is a build that focuses on regenerating Ultimate as quickly as possible. It also helps the group do the same. We do this by combining gear that benefits Ultimate gain, regeneration, and cost reduction, and then adding a selection of skills that do the same thing making it an Ultigen Monster!

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‘Souleater’ ESO Necromancer Tank Build Information




The Atronach


38k+ Health
15k+ Magicka
20k+ Stamina


Minor Heroism Potions
Potion Info

Race: Nord is essential for the additional resistance and Ultimate gain as this fits well with the build.

Mundus: This build requires frequent casting of Magicka abilities so The Atronach provides the best utility.

Stats: You can apply your attributes however you like but it’s good to aim for some decent base level stats.

Food: Red Frothgar gives a ton of Magicka Recovery which is great for this build.

Potions: Again this build uses large amount of Magicka so the Minor Heroism/Magicka potions are really good. But if those are too expensive for you then slot Heroic Slash and use Tri-Stat potions.

‘Souleater’ ESO Necromancer Tank Build Gear