New World – Greatsword Tank Information

The Greatsword is a new weapon that was introduced into New World with the Brimstone Sands release.

It has some use as a Tank when you are looking to be Tanky while also doing damage.

Typically, you wouldn’t use both Sword and Shield alongside the Greatsword as they are close in similarity, and you lose a lot of utility by not using a War Hammer, Great Axe or Hatchet.

When using a Greatsword it pairs well with a War Hammer if you are going for Tank/Utility or with a Hatchet if you are trying to push more damage.

Below you’ll find the best abilities, passives and perks when using the Greatsword for Tanking in New World.


  • Steadfast Strike
  • Calamity Counter
  • Roaring Rupture


  • Bane (Ancient, Angry Earth, Corrupted or Lost)
  • Refreshing Move
  • Thwarting Strikes (300+ STR)
  • Trenchant Strikes or Enchanted (Under 300 STR)

Greatsword Tank Build

Greatsword Tank

Obtainable Greatswords:

Blade of the 19th – Corrupted Bane, Trenchant Strikes, Mortal Power

Soulstep – Lost Bane, Keenly Empowered, Refreshing Move

Berserker’s Sword – Vicious, Refreshing Move, Keen

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