Spear Tank Information

Spear is not often seen on Tanks but with the changes to Spear that arrived with the recent Season 1 – Fellowship & Fire update and the addition of a new taunt compatible skill, it’s made using a Spear for a Tank even more accessible.

Spear offers good group benefits with Rend and Weaken alongside great DPS. Typically you would use Spear when Tanking bosses mostly but if there is someone else in your group using a Spear they become less effective.

You would combine a Spear with a Sword and Shield or Greatsword.

Below you’ll find the best abilities, passives and perks when using the Spear for Tanking in New World.


  • Perforate
  • Skewer
  • Cyclone


  • Bane: Ancients, Angry Earth, Beast, Corrupted or Lost
  • Enfeebling Skewer
  • Vicious


  • Pristine Carnelian

Spear Tank Build

Spear Tank


Execute 3 quick piercing strikes that each deal 80% weapon damage and apply rend, reducing the target’s armor by 5% for 10s. (Max 3 stacks.)

Cooldown: 12 seconds


Rush forward and skewer your target, dealing 125% weapon damage and applying bleed. Bleed deals 20% weapon damage every 1s for 10s.

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Perform a spin attack that deals 130% weapon damage to targets within a 3m radius, and applies a 50% slow for 3s. This ability has grit.

(Slow reduces target’s movement speed.)
(Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.)

Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your spear, hits with this ability inflict taunt for 2s. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.)

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Spear is a great weapon for Tanks, they are not as useful however if you have 1 other people in your group using one. If you can use one then you have access to great DPS and massive group benefits along with the potential for great self healing if you have a piece of gear with the Leeching Cyclone perk, and the Cyclone skill also returns a lot of Stamina for blocking and dodging.

You would only typically use a Spear on boss fights and maintain using Warhammer during add pulls. Spear is highly reliant on you focussing as a Damage Tank and dodging often to avoid damage.

For your Spear, you’ll want it to include the perk Enfeebling Skewer this means you’ll be able to apply huge Rend and Weaken to the enemy.

The way you maximise your Spear:

  1. Use Cyclone on cooldown for the AoE Slow, Taunt, Stamina regen and self healing.
  2. Hit the enemies with Perforate and Skewer for some great DPS and to apply huge Rend, Weaken and Bleed to the enemies.

Named Spears

These are obtainable Spears that you can farm

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